T7 possible without Wicket and Scout?

From T1 to T6 it was easy, now i'm stuck for the past 4 days and i can't even kill 1 before losing all Ewoks.

The team i have: G11 Zeta Chirpa (L), G12 Elder, G11 Paploo, G11 Logray and G9 Teebo.

I watched tons of videos, read tons of guides but i'm starting to think it's not doable. I tried giving them my best mods, make them as fast as i could but no dice, on avg they have +80 speed excpet Teebo who i could only get to +60. The main issue i have is the lack of damage, from the videos i watched Chirpa's Tribal Unity was blowing all Chewie/Han protection and some more but mine barely takes half of their protection.

So what am i doing wrong? Do i really need Wicket? Or there's hope and i need that 1 in a million RNG luck?


  • crzydroid
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    Wicket would certainly help, but I've heard of people doing it without. You have Logray so that should be ok. If you can't get mods with more speed and/or also add damage, you may need to take some to g12 (which will also allow you putting 6-dot mods).
  • I seriously doubt you can clear it with that combo.

    As you noticed, you have no offense to speak of. You need Wicket or Scout instead of Teebo.
  • I farmed Scout, got him to 7* and G11 but nothing changed tbh. For the past 2 hours i've been able to take Chewie or Han down as long as R2 doesn't stealth one, then i get insta killed. Maybe i'm running the wrong set of mods? Got this currently

    Chirpa, Elder, Paploo: Health + Speed
    Logray: Potency + Speed
    Scout: Health + Crit Damage
  • I did it with this exact line up except I had my teebo, chirpa, and elder g12 for the 6-dot mods. I think it is possible with lower gear but your going to have to get good rng and probably mod better.
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