HAAT sim rewards is a joke!!

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edited December 2020
What is this?


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    That is CG rewarding you by cutting you some slack for all your years of dedication to supporting and playing their game. You also get rewarded for getting back 15 minutes of your life, enjoy it :smile:
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    HAAT non-sim rewards are a joke. At least this way it doesn't waste your time. :D
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    *People complain that they want the Tank Raid Sim-able*
    *tank raid becomes sim-able*
    *People complain that the sim rewards are terrible*

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    I can solo HAAT with my JKL team so i dont complain about sim.
    But the gear Rewards are a joke.
    Rancor gear Rewards are much better then HAAT.
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    This has been an issue for years.

    CG’s don’t appear to care, sadly.
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    The rewards are awful. We got that same type of garbage in both of the last 2 simmed HAATs.
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