Beskar Mandalorian feats [MERGE]


  • ...i have no words dear CG, game over man
  • Legit wrote: »
    And who the crap thought it was a good idea to put resistance against geos?? I can’t even take a turn with relic 5+ on tier 5. It’s literally impossible unless you have GL Rey.

    It’s actually pretty easy with JTR, more so than Rey.
  • Ah CG back to their onanist ways.
  • JollyBrandX
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    Actually it’s super easy - JTR+C3PO+R2+BB8 only and the geos didn’t even get a turn in on any tier. Only JTR and C3PO are relic. BUT! Who is seriously running this party CG....STOP PAY WALLING! The event is meant to be fun, not a slap in the face....
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  • CG is gonna CG
  • The name they chose for the feat is so accurate on so many different levels it's just hilarious :p
  • Leopards do not change their spots.
  • I guess if Ahnald has a R8 Beskar then we all should.... CG Logic
  • I feel like the new reward system is a way to bottle neck the 6 dot slicing materials. Giving them out for completing the highest tiers of battle used to help me even if i didnt have the specific team the event was designed for. But now I cant even get the slicing materials without having the specific team because they are hidden behind the feats.
    Additionally making a feat for Beskar mando the same week he id released.. Real not kind to F2P players
  • This is not good and not funny.
  • Omg,how did come with this idea,can he get fired already,j feel is the same person that had the gear gate idea in GC.
  • They won't respond. They rarely do. They only care about whale money now.
  • Is CG hinting what’s gonna be in the new mando ep with this resistance feat
  • madhader wrote: »
    Just when we thought CG was turning things around, they go and ruin the forward progress they were making with crap like this. Way to continue to say screw you to the community. Do you even listen? Or do you purposely think of things to add to the game that will tick people off?

    Lol! For sure it is the last option! But the only people that can change CG are the Whales, who don’t care because CG already caters to them. The only time the Whales care is when CG “Stuffs up” and does something that benefits F2P and not them.
  • Horrible move.
    I’m sure you won’t miss the $31 I was going to spend on the character shard mega pack but I won’t miss having the characters for a couple more weeks either and I’m too disgusted to give you anything for this effort, rather buy a bottle of wine I don’t need.
  • Just made kuiil and IG 11 farmable through cantina nodes with bad drop rates, sure it’s a 20 day event but come on. Pay wall to have these characters to get mando faster but some people haven’t even started on them. What the frig is this. Miss out on a fair bit is salvage because of this. 5,12,8, and 3 pieces of mod salvage. For shame paywalling galactic challenges...
  • CG only want to see the world burn
  • 4xfumn3gseat.png
    This the differences between boxes, just the new shiny salvage but still it helps me with my new mods
  • Rath_Tarr
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    Not a fan of this.

    Towards the end of the IG/Kuiil event perhaps but not a couple of days in. Not cool.
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