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    sloweagle wrote: »
    I was really amused by this thread. An achievement already completed two months ago, operation metaverse even published a mod guide for the team last month, and might have been repeated by many others. And now we have a “world-first” obsessed guy claiming world first using the same published team, and then claim anyone else who did it must be a fraud. Yeah, sounds familiar to someone currently in the White House.

    OM never completed it but got it down to 10% and published the mod guide for the player that was able to get so close to beating the Nexu, hoping someone else might be able to do it with a bit more RNG with the same mods and relic levels

    Wood just had better skill and modding
  • Looking forward to the world's first back-to-back completion next month. Or was this just heavily RNG dependent?
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    Congrats to Wood (aka W.J.III) for being the first player in the game to take down the Nexu! CAW

    I love hearing you celebrate your teammates, SnakesOnAPlane. I used to get angry to see people do better than me, because I'm not that good at this game, but then I realized the only person I can change is myself. And this game.

    I'm also happy to celebrate the people that completed this daunting task months ago, but I never saw the posts.

    It still feels like a world's first to me even the second or third time I see it, so share the wealth, please!
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    I need a new message here.
  • Ultra wrote: »
    sloweagle wrote: »
    Fake news. That was done 2 months ago by a French player.

    lol MAW salty as always

    Congrats CAW for another worlds' first!

    All whales live in salt water 🐋
  • TVF:

    I swear I thought that Flerkin was about to vomit up a Tesseract. What a mouth!
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