SWGOH - How To Counter SEE Guide - Imperial Troopers Destroy GL PALP - 3-4 G12s In Our Squad!

Welcome back everyone, this will likely be my final SEE counter for some time but I couldn't resist making a video showing you all how to counter high relic SEE teams with mostly G12 Imperial Troopers. This team is supprising very easy to use and is by far the most reliable and effective counter to GL Palp out there, you don't need many good mods either to top it off as a lot of my team are very poorly modded including a few 3* Mods. This counter also requires no legendary type characters so it's very effective in mods such as TW and Grand Arena. Join me today as we absolutely demolish GL Palpatine with our undergeared Imperial Troopers which is one of the best SEE Counters out there. If you enjoy the video please consider leaving a like and sharing it with your friends! Thanks for watching everyone!

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