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Hey guys,

Player Level 11 here, with only a handful of characters unlocked so far. still progressing through the LS battles tier 2. I have a level 10 Consular, 9 Jawa, 8 Poe Dameron, 8 Chewy and 7 Resistance Trooper as my team. Poe dies pretty quickly so I'm not sure how good he is. Anyhow, I'm not sure which heros I should be working for to get early on, and which to level up or to dump. I also have a Jedi Guardian, Ewok Scout and Clone Sergeant all unused at level 1. Looking for advice.

Also, I have level 1 Talia, Royal Guard and 1st Order Stormtrooper for DS, which Im about to unlock. thanks.


  • I would level and use most resources on Ewok scout and Royal guard, royal guard's Buff is very OP and would likely save your team without even needing a healer, i'd make him your Team Leader as well for at lvl 30 he gets his insane Leader ability .
  • how do i make a character a team leader? Also, isn't the ewok scout only good if I have other ewoks? Of the characters I have, which do u think are best for LS pvE battles?
  • @Regeneration
    I can't tell if you're trolling or not.

    They are two of the worst heroes in the game.

    Royal Guard is average for a while, but he does no damage at all. And Ewok Scout? Really?

    Royal Guard doesn't even have a leader ability at all and mine is level 36. Yep, definitely trolling.
    My name is cosmicturtle333, aka CT-333, aka Threes.
  • To make a hero your leader they have to be in the first slot. Most don't unlock their leader ability until a later level (16 for Chewie for example). Don't worry too much about who to level up now, just use whoever is good now. When you get your sixth and seventh heroes for LS & DS is when you should prioritize who to use. Open a couple of Chromiums on the off chance you get a good hero too.
    My name is cosmicturtle333, aka CT-333, aka Threes.
  • @DiscoSlice I would focus on unlocking Ewok Elder as well to team woth ewok scout. If you can, level ewok scout first then Royal guard second, also if you manage to get him to Lv16, upgrade his attack Ewok Ambush, it adds +5% damage, he will surely be a great main attacker for your team.
  • thanks Regeneration. So the ewok is worth leveling and you weren't trolling?
  • He's trolling.
  • ok so what GOOD advice do others have?
  • DiscoSlice wrote: »
    ok so what GOOD advice do others have?

    I second what Regeneration says...good tips.

    In the event you really need to have a healer, the Ewok Elder is a must have. Buy some crystals, get the Chronium packs and jam that dude up 7 stars. Hes a gem at healing.
  • Royal Guard is actually pretty good. When you upgrade his skills he gets an Auto Taunt when someone's HP drop below a certain level.

    Compare that to Wookie who you actually need to take an action to taunt, that is awesome. Most characters get to act 2 or 3 times when it counts. Not taunting and using that action for something else is freaking golden.
  • ****, I can't tell who to believe and who not to believe either. One I like quite a bit is Asajj Ventress for her AOE. Also Count Dooku is awesome IMO for his counter attack alone but his force lightning has been very helpful. I'm only 42 so far though and have bought no characters yet.
  • With the characters you have, Poe and Chewie are good together if you want to toss around the tank burden.
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