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    edit: In light of trying to be more positive, I've removed the content of this post. Happy Holidays all.

    The same reason one Merrill could go before another in HoDA. When a unit has the same speed, how can the game fairly decides who goes first? Either the game rolls a dice so either Dooku can go first, or the defender gets the ability to move first since they are at a disadvantage with their poor AI. Though I've gone before other Dookus, but I can't know for sure they are as geared as me. So either one of these explanations apply.

    I'm assuming since they made HoDA too that the former is likely true.
  • J7000
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    I'm not QQing but I've also noticed the AI seems to evade a LOT same level and I have max gear so I was kinda like WHAT?!
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