Tiers 5-6

My question is ... I have watched video after video on how to beat tier 5 and tier 6 of gl kylo event . But what I can’t find is .... what gear does my supreme leader kylo ren have to be in order for me to defeat each event ?? Cause currently I’m at gear 10 and I can not defeat tier 5 .. 4 was easy but can’t defeat 5 . I’m close . But I don’t wanna waste tickets ..
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  • Before I did it I heard high relic was necessary. I had the necessary mats and went straight to R7.
    I watched the video by Gridan and succeeded by following his advice, that video has been updated and doesn't seem to be available in original form. Still, I would advise looking at his vid.
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  • Gear 10 is a bit optomistic... Gear 12 minimum and with super good mods. Or you wait until you can relic him
  • Thanks !
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  • I beat it at g11, 1 star tho, went back at r7 to 3 star it
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