T7 C3P0 All but Logray

Can someone please suggest how to mod my current ewok team in order to 7 star this event? I have seen people with much worse ewok teams complete this event, so I must be doing something wrong.



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    I'd switch in Scout, give him more gear, take out Teebo. But if you can wait for Logray, obvi would be better.
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    Probably more speed, especially on Wicket. If you bring one to g12, I'd say Wicket so you can put 6-dot mods on him. You have a ton of speed on Paploo...is that because you think you want him to taunt right away? I would put some of that speed on either Wicket or Teebo if you're going to use him at that gear level. If you can get Teebo to go first, then everyone will get 100% tm. But I'd say you should try for more gear on Teebo. If it doesn't work without Logray, you can swap someone out for him.
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    Woot did It
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