Question on summoned unit for Separatist Might

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Does the B2 Rocket Droid have different stats based on the summoning character? I know that higher gear/reliced characters make the B2 better, but would an attacker at R4 summon a different droid than a tank at the same relic level, for example? Or a support unit?

Additionally, would mods matter (e.g., modded for health vs. protection, high speed vs. low speed)? I know it was established that certain stats affect the Geonosian Brute, but not others.
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  • It will always be a tank. The character who summons B2 will not change that.

    It is definitely based on the stats of the summoning character though. I couldn’t give you exact details of the relationship between summoning character stats and B2 stats, but anecdotal observations make it clear that he’ll be faster / harder hitting / tankier based on who summons him.
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