Razor Crest - Kit Idea(Please, Check Out)

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Name:Razor Crest
Crew:The Mandalorian
Tags:Light Side, Attacker (TAC/INT), Scoundrel, Bounty Hunter, Cargo Ship
Basic:Offensive Blast - Ship Omega - Level 8
Description:Deal Special damage to target enemy and Inflict Accuracy Down for 2 turns.
If the Target was Already Suffering a Debuff, The Razor Crest Attacks Again and Recovers Protection Equal to 20% of the Damage Dealt(Damage of the 2 Attacks).
Special:Spinning Maneuver - Crew - CoolDown:3 - Ship Omega - Level 8
Description:Deal Special damage to all enemies and Daze them for 2 turns, Which can't be Evaded.
Razor Crest gains That's My Line! for 3 turns and Recovers 20% Protection.
That's My Line!:When Razor Crest is Critically Hit, Razor Crest's Next attack will be a Critical Hit. In Addition, While an Enemy gains a Buff that Razor Crest doesn't already have, It Copies it for 2 turns; Can't be Copied, Dispelled or Prevented
Unique:This is the Way - Ship Omega - Level 8
Description:Razor Crest has +40% Potency and is Immune to Taunting Effects.
In Addition, While Razor Crest has Protection:
- Razor Crest Ignores Defense,
- Enemies deal 50% Less Damage Out of Turn,
- Other Scoundrel allies have 50% Chance to be Called when Razor Crest uses an Ability during It's Turn.
Reinforcement:I’m not leaving my fate up to chance - Rein. Mat - Level 3
Enter Battle:Razor Crest Dispel all Buffs from enemies and Inflicts Stun for 2 turns on the Target, Which can't be Evaded or Resisted.
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