Time for Plan B 268 million gp looking for 1. CRancor on farm, 30DS Geo, 18 LS Geo

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Time for Plan B: 268 million GP

Just had a long time member retire so we’re looking to fill 1 spot. We are all long time players that are focused on Geo TBs and Challenge Rancor. We have a fun, friendly and informative discord where we show off our awesome meme/gif skills. US based but have some folks from EU. All raids are 7:30 EST (UTC -5) with 24 hr join period. Pit and HAAT are on sim. We are looking for committed players who want to be a part of a great team.

Last 2 TBs.
DS Geo: 30⭐️ 40 Wat shards
LS Geo: 18 ⭐️ 5 KAM shards
Challenge Rancor is on farm

Recruits should:
-Be at least 5 million GP
-Have Geos that can consistently win Wat mission.
-KAM mission ready or close to it
-Have 1 GL
-C Rancor ready (min of full r5 Padme or Shaak/clones)
-Have discord
-Have a SWGOH.GG account

We require:
-Full CRancor and TB participation...100%
-TW: Not required to join but if you do you will be expected to participate on both def/off.
-600 tickets per day would be great.

Any questions contact me
Ally Code: 398-237-811
Discord: Master TitEez#2497
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