Clone squad questions

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Should I try to add shaak ti to my squad
Or keep it as is
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  • Yes. Drop Cody for Shaak ti or General Skywalker (lead) and in 90% Of the applications You will have a better result than the (always solid) Rex lead
  • Ok thanks
  • I’ve seen people using Ashoka in their clone squad instead of Cody should I do that and does fulcrum count
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    Fulcrum doesn't count at all as she is neither 501st nor Galactic Republic. She would add nothing to the squad.

    Shaak Ti is the best replacement though if you don't have GAS.
  • Yah I’m grinding on fleet battle to try to get the shaak ti sim
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  • I haven’t seen a use for Cody in a long time, but I could be wrong about certain niche squads. But like everybody else said, yeah. Shaak Ti will be a much better leader than Rex, and out Rex, Echo, Arc, and 5s behind her. I’ve underestimated that squad a few times in GAC an TW and got whooped.
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