Simmed Tank Rewards

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Is anyone getting good reward from the simmed tank raid? Since switching over, we've only gotten garbage: gear pieces we have hundreds or thousands of. Bad luck or bad reward system, it's hard to tell.


  • TVF
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    You weren't getting garbage before sims? Consider yourself lucky.
    I need a new message here.
  • Kyno
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    probably a little bit of both. record your results for the guild for a bit and check out the actual data, this will be more clear than just how you feel about it right now.
  • f82bd
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    I have a few accounts to compare where we are simming HAAT and where we are not even though we could. And here's my take so far in comparison. The rewards from place 20 to 50 seem to be about as useful or useless but the rewards from place 1 to 10, especially top 3 can be useful. I think it might make more sense to not Sim. Even if you don't play it and sign up, your rewards will either be about the same or better than if you Sim. And as a Guild you're better off that at least some of your guild mates get useful rewards. Plus, with SLKR or Shaak ti, it's like simming anyway. Start, auto, tap, tap, done.
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