Farming New Characters F2P

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What’s the best way to farm new character shards like Mando? Should I buy from the weekly shipments or should I just farm from the hard battles (and they’re quite rare)? And also what’s the best way to farm crystals? Thanks!
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    If time is no factor for you go for hard battles, if you want to rush it (and pay way more crystals in the long run) buy them from shipments. Best crystal income is from high arena rankings, booth troops and ships.
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  • For crystals, the 2 arenas are by far the best source. However, be aware that if there is an organised shard chat, it's better to be friendly with them and reach out instead of climbing as high as possible every time until you get completely blacklisted.

    For shards it's a simple math. For new characters pricing is 80 crystals/shard in shipments (I assume those are the ones you want to farm). With ~33% droprate, 5 battles give you 1.33 shards on average. With 2x50 crystal refreshes + (25+50) crystal node refresh, it's still still 175 total crystals for ~5 shards, which is much cheaper than shipments.

    Unless you want to farm lots of characters at once (which is not really sustainable as F2P), hard node farms are always better than shipments.
  • Tanks for the advice! :D
  • Generally, buying shards from shipments isn't worth it unless you spend lots of money on the game.

    Also, fleet arena is an easy place to climb the ranks and get lots of crystals. Squad arena is good for crystal income as well, but it is harder to climb to the higher ranks there.
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