I hate to be that guy...



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    Barriss is quite the healer but a $49 pack is high for some of us. I did buy the Dooku pack for $4.99 and may spend again if there is another $4.99 pack that looks enticing but I am a grinder and the fun for me is in the progression. That said anyone can get Barriss once they reach 5-C, 5-E, and 8-A Dark side battles by grinding them for shards. In the long run whether you pay or not you will catch up it just takes a alot of time and patience. I am lvl40, ranked 718 on my server and have only spent the $4.99 and been playing for like a week.

    Also with Darth Sidius you should be able to balance the benefits from Barriss (assuming based on his anti-healer ability)
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    Just got level 40 and went up against like 4 squads of dooku and Chewbacca, yeah screw dooku
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    FakeRobbo wrote: »
    The only solution to beating Barriss or Dooku is running an ultra attacking team with some kind of heal block... At the lvl 60 soft launch top tiers these guys are dealt with fairly easily!

    Yup... crit attacker/ healer to beat the riffraff **** barf team...

    Just take out **** first then whale on Barf and most teams fall apart. People who run those characters usually have no freaking clue about how to assemble a good team.
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    Darth Maul FTW!
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    hey listen your whole squad is noobie af. Literally you have the same team as me and have no real hero. Yeah I'm ranked 53 wit the same squad you should expect a certain hero actually **** you. Have you gone against other Jedi that have a counter bc I know j have and it sucks when 3v1 lose to a guy that counters for more dmg than you're putting out. How about you either obtain a hero the normal way or purchase him and stop crying. Literally, in every game I'm like oh **** hats super op, until I try them out and notice they really aren't that op.
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    "I hate to be that guy" Don't worry you can't be that guy when a few dozen guys have whined about the same thing today alone lol.

    Grind and learn to counter.
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