Petition for a sandbox-type arena

An arena solely dedicated to players wishing to try out different combinations and strategies against their own team. It would be exactly like arena combat except you're controlling both teams and choose what move each character uses.

Knowing that EA likes to make money off of every feature I'm suggesting each match in this arena cost 12 or less energy, but if it was free I wouldn't mind.


  • Add to that a PVP duel arena, where we can go directly head to head in a player takes all, best of 3, 100 crystal challenge. Use ally codes to make a challenge costing 100 crystals and then 100 crystals to accept the challenge, with the challenger in control 1 match, the defender in control the next, and if its a tie, then auto vs auto to determine the winner. Winner takes away 200 crystals. Heck, you could even add in a replay feature so you could watch all 3 battles. Sometjing like this would tip this game into esports, broading its playerbase and longivity, once the replays are rewatchable, with msybe a bit of commentary from the youtubers.
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