Starting up again after 2 years or so off. Zeta priority help.

Good afternoon everyone. I was just trying to get back into this game after having taken a few years off. Im in the process of building up my teams but so much has changed and the priority Zetas are no longer relevant, for the most part, for what i have now.

I would like to have a good Arena Team and a good team to compete in the Raids for now. Who should i Zeta next. Im between CLS Lead, GMY Lead, RJT Lead, R2-D2 Unique, or BB-8. My thinking was getting my RJT Team up and my Jedi team with Bastila Lead.

Thanks for your input everyone.


  • Waqui
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    If you unlock 7* C-3P0 and take Talzin to 7* you will have 2 great teams for raids:

    JTR lead, BB8, 3P0, Rex and 5s for phase 1 of heroic STR.
    Talzin lead (zeta lead required), Assaj (unique zeta required), Daka, Initiate (don't gear her up) and JKA for phase 3 of heroic STR.

    If your guild doesn't farm hSTR yet those 2 teams could help you progress to beat/farm it since they will make you able to solo most of phase 1 and all of phase 3 (plus a chunk of phase 4).

    If your guild doesn't sim hAAT raids yet you will be able to solo the whole thing with:
    JTR lead, BB8, 3P0, CLS and Finn.

    For squad arena you probably have a long way to go before you can climb to high ranks after your 2 years away. If you want a non-GL team you could either farm arc Trooper to complete your current team (switch out Cody), take Padmé to 7* and build a Republic team (GK and 3P0 will be great along with the basic 3 - Padmé, Ahsoka and JKA) or farm the required characters to unlock GAS (requires 3P0 as well).

    Zetas? Depends on which teams you decide to farm. Only zeta characters/abilities that you are sure you will use. If in doubt hold on to your zetas until you've decided.

    If you are able to find a stronger guild - one that farms heroic STR and does Geonosis TBs (Dark Side at least) - I would recommend to switch ASAP. It will help you develop your roster and if you plan on catching up in fleet arena it's a requirement with the current META (separatist fleet with Malevolence or Republic fleet with Negotiator).
  • I recommend to Padme that you go after Geonosian Brood Alpha, he will give you a very playable team for another toon. I think Cody is acceptable until you get Arc. His other priorities in yellow energy are Bossk and Hounds.
  • Thank you for your info. I appreciate it. Ill work on C3PO, Padme, Brood and the ARC Trooper. Thanks. Long way to go here but i appreciate the advise.
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