JML Tier 3...Vader's still got his right hand after he chucks Palpy!

Sorry if this has been spotted before, but just noticed in the animation at the end. Artistic license maybe? But if you're going to recreate a pivotal scene like that...

Really after Luke beats him in phase 1 he should lose it but I guess maybe CG/Disney don't want/care to stay faithful and make it too scary by chopping a robot hand off there! Either that or whoever did the animation simply missed that (ahem) minor detail.


  • That’s because nobody at CG has seen a Star War.
  • SemiGod
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    Literally unplayable
  • Iy4oy4s
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    Class action anyone?
  • Iy4oy4s
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    Nikoms565 wrote: »
    I think Vader should be missing the hand...and so should Luke. Then, as Vader goes to chuck Palpy over the side, he should turn to Luke and say "Could you give me a hand with this?"

    *brief pause*

    Then both of them...


    Class action against Nikoms?

    just kiddin, solid joke.
  • Nihion
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    This thread has barely started and I’m already rolling.

    CG will change the animation when they give us next months GL: DARTH VADER (BEATEN), featuring the new move: Lie on the Ground, which features the new buff: Robotic, which gives enemies the debuff: Scared (which is different than Fear), which ultimately lowers their Tenacity by 5%.
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