Darksaber Division - 210 mil - rotating LS Geo/Hoth - EST

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Darksaber Division has 2 openings!

Are you tired of being harassed about bringing in 600 tickets which you can't take to your grave every day?

Are you frustrated by guild management that's too relaxed or uncoordinated?

Are you a dedicated player just trying to grow your roster, use your aggressive feelings and let the hate flow through you without feeling force-choked or neglected?

Join the Dark Side and together we can rule the galaxy!

818-936-382 or 369-353-229


  • BadunkAdunk
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    1 filled, 1 left! Great low pressure, high performing guild! Join up while you can!
  • - 4.5 mil average GP per player
    - a wealth of veterans with the knowledge and
    firepower to help newer players grow faster
    - rotating raid times based in EST
    - rotating LS TB (Geo/Hoth) for players in need of Wampa/Hoda/GAS/Malak
    - healthy balance of GET1 & GET2
    - excellent TW strategy and win rate
    - 600 tickets daily not required but encouraged
    - 19+ Wat shards and growing
    - laid-back and affable atmosphere
    - hot Discord action
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