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I apologize if this is already a known thread, but what’s the best squad for tiers 2 & 3? Thanks.
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  • Usually thrawn lead, b2, b1, magnaguard, and either droideka or vader or bb8

    The idea is to get the fracture on teebo on stage 4, and to constantly pass turn meter to b1 to build up stacks and ramping damage.
  • B2 and vader dispel stealth in stage 4. Bb8’s illuminated destiny can be used after fracture ends to get thrawn back to the second fracture.

    There’s a lot of rng
  • Thanks, appreciate it
  • Or just use imperial troopers with piett and get a ridiculous load of stacks that you can basically one shot teebo
  • That won't work for T3, though.

    Troopers with Piett is the way to go on that tier. You can get by with as low as r3 Starck, Veers and g12 Piett, Range, DT. But the lower the gear levels are the more restarts you need until you take a turn without having any trooper killed in the opening.
  • Definitely Troopers. Also they're sooo much faster than the B1 stacks cheese strategy, it's pure QoL. The only downside is the RNG to survive the very first attack phase of the murder bears in P1 without losing someone. They need to hit Piett so he counter attacks and you get TM. Good thing the restarts are fairly fast.
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  • You also want all Protection% primaries on Magnaguard so he can soak Teebo's hit. With that it's simple, and you're relying on bad RNG to lose; without it you're relying on great RNG to win.

    I'm almost there but not quite... I can soak the first hit, but if the Elders get actions before B1 goes it's over. Just need to g13 Magnaguard but haven't gotten to it.
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  • You can auto T2 and T3 if you have good imperial troopers
  • TVF
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    I like HK BB8 C3 R2 Chewpio through CT2
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  • @TVF that's my jam, too. Only have a G10 HK but it's enough to get the job done. Chewpio's AoE on Wave 8 is stellar.
  • Chewpio' and Snowtrooper's AoEs are so gratifying to see. Just mowing down fools left and right. Beautiful.
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  • I was able to do it with a G11 Piett and the other troopers G12. Veers, Stack, Range, and Death. I had to manual round 1 a bit, but after that I was able to auto it. I also did it manually and it worked pretty well. Piett is really amazing to get through this up through Tier 2. I didn't bother with Tier 3 because my troopers aren't Relic 8 (and the ewoks take 47 turns before you even get to move).
  • TVF wrote: »
    I like HK BB8 C3 R2 Chewpio through CT2

    Thanks TVF, I have never beaten C2, and thought that until I had Piett 7* I never would. Was able to beat it on my first attempt with that team. I'd gift you some of my relic mats if I could.
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