Feedback on Requesting help via live chat support

A week ago I contacted EA live chat for a request about this game. Because I'm temporarily moving to another time zone, I asked a very specific request. I asked them either provide me another attempt to change my activity reset time or change it to a specific time I mentioned. the support adviser did make a change but to an irrelevant time. Now my account is until I move which is in 2 months. I did connect again with the support they said there is a 48h cooldown on this tool and when I went back after 3 days, they said they can make no more changes because already 4 changes have been made. Now, this is totally irrelevant since i could change my reset time twice each year and i did change twice in 2019 and twice in 2020.

Basically, EA has made a mistake since didn't double-check with me, and instead has made A change that i don't want and then refused to fix it. What is going on in EA chat support? For anyone to have an idea why I'm mad, the reason is in 6 months [i can change it in 6 months], I'll lose about 300$ worth of crystals.

I believe the worst place to ask for help is EA/CG help centers.
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