Rancor P4 TM Removal

Alright, help me out someone. Odds are I'm skipping over a game mechanic somewhere. Why are the 2 clones immune to TM reduction here in phase 4. Rey is immune because she is inspired. GAS has a buff, so he doesn't lose TM. HYoda does lose TM. But why don't the clones?



  • you sure they didn't have any buffs prior the roar ability? (I. e potency up, taunt etc)
  • Its his bellow move: if they had positive effects they don’t lose Tm 9glnio7jngpr.jpeg
  • Adamklark wrote: »
    you sure they didn't have any buffs prior the roar ability? (I. e potency up, taunt etc)

    All of my allies had crit avoidance immunity from Rey. HYoda also had stealth. I was under the impression that the dispel occurs first, then the TM removal. GAS never loses TM because he has the taunt that can't be dispelled.

    But, if it is buffs before, then hYoda is bugged. And what are the clones and Rey immune too if it's not TM removal?
  • Might have to do with tenacity on the characters. At about 100-120% you resist TMR more often than not in P4 Pit.
  • imo hyoda is bugged. i did some testing with jkr lead where they all start with tenacity up. 4 of 5 jedis kinda never got tm reduced. hoda nearly every time
  • Kisakee
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    Could be bugged hidden stats that are counted as "buffs":
    Rancor get hidden buffs -> Skyguys leader ability triggers and gives hidden buffs to clones = immune to TM reduction
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  • Our guild came across the same bug during our last run. We were running JML teams and even when all 5 had buffs, Hoda seemed to lose tm. It did seem to be limited to Hoda though, we didnt find it happening to anyone else.
  • Kyno
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    I can confirm this is connected to a know issue. Hoda is "bugged", or at least part of a bigger bug ticket.
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