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With the lack of a PC client for the game, many of us use Android Emulators to play the game. Other games seem to have no problems with common emulators, but SWGOH is not very stable unfortunately.

From a dev perspective there is surely some tweaking necessary to make the game run stable on different devices. I understand why you want to focus the time on something else than tweaking the game to run well on all emulators out there, but it would be great if you properly support at least one of them.

Right now I lose about 1 of 10 GAC matches, because a fleet fight crashes on loading and about 1 of 20 TW fights crash.

Am playing competitively, so that is one of the biggest sources of frustration.

From coordinating TW I know that Ipads are a main source for crashes as well. If we have an efficient TW, we get down to about 15 drops of which easily half of them are crashes. Yes, 8 of 250 battles doesn't seem to be a lot, but the harder you try to be efficient, the more frustrating it gets when you drop efficiency by crashing.

I personally use Bluestacks (which already got the nickname Crashstacks). After a game crash it takes at least 3 attempts to get the game started again. It freezes shortly after loading.

My big wish would be: An emulator (or even better a PC client) where the game runs well on. Or in other words - an officially supported way of playing the game on a PC.
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  • I play on Bluestacks, and you just need to run very fast through different screens before you start an important battle: GAC, TW, TB, ... If the game doesn't crash when you run fast through for example all the stores the game won't crash during the battle
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    I use Nox and am happy with it. Bluestacks if I wanna record smth (better fps and no sound issues that Nox has for whatever reason).
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    I used Bluestacks, but switched to Nox and had a better experience. I don't use it any more.

    Unfortunately the dev team has stated that emulators are not a supported device. This means they most likely have no intentions of make any changes to have it run better on emulators.
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