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So a newbie here, pls forgive if this has been asked many times.... Have read what I could find but am still lost.

I was in a guild and could do Raids, then all of a sudden I could not enter raids anymore. From what I understand the leader has to start a raid for me to enter. Maybe my guild did not start some.... So I joined a couple of other guilds and even though I saw in their chat that a raid was started, I could not take part.... I've purchased the lightspeed pack so I know I have characters that meet the minimal requirements.

I love raids, and wanna do more! What's the best way to find them? Is there a time limit when I join a guild before I can partake? Is there a way to see why I cannot join?

I have spoken.... hahahaahaahha
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  • You need to be in the guild prior to your guild launching a raid.
  • understood, how often are raids launched by the guild? daily? weekly?
  • Your guild also needs to have generated enough tickets before the leader or officers can launch a raid.
  • PetrusV wrote: »
    understood, how often are raids launched by the guild? daily? weekly?

    That all depends upon how many members your guild has & if they are all generating their 600 daily tickets
  • While you have the hyperdrive bundle, it is also possible that your new guild is launching T6 (requires at list one 6 star character) or Heroic (requires at least on 7 star character) and you don’t have any characters of high enough rarity (star count) to participate.
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