Imbalance in jawa scavenger

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You don't feel the motherboard is very hard to come by and tha ccoil is very easy? There's a way to overcome this imbalance?

I still have 2k+ gears for coils and none for motherboards.


  • WookieWookie
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    Sadly, this was likely intended (eyes crystal shop where you can buy motherboards). Yes the prospect of intentionally farming super-early game nodes for white/green/blue gear to crunch into these after playing the game for five years is frustrating, but CG gonna CG and you as an individual need to prioritize what you want to farm/buy and who is worth gearing due to shortages.
  • Kyno
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    in a game about resource management, your best bet to overcome any imbalance is to use that as a stronger point of consideration when gearing toons.

    I find the Mk3 holo projector salvage (and the projector itself) to be very versatile. its a much lower ROI (salvage do not use the projector here) on CBs but still they are frequently available and relatively cheap in multiple locations, and a usual suspect as far as gear goes too.

    on the hopeful side, you will notice that some of the larger bottle neck pieces are in the CB bin, and if/when that gets addressed, it should help open up R1.............because R1 is where the bottleneck should be right?
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