Add Wampa as an enemy to a GC pretty please


  • While I finished this quest a long time ago, I don't see the problem at all in having a Wampa as an enemy occasionally. So what if it means some players can finish this quest easily. Is giving away 10 crystals really going to break the game's economy?
  • Yes! Especially when there are 6 more steps to this quest. My guild hasn’t done the Hoth TB with the Wampas in it since the Geo TB’s were introduced. I’m also not leaving my guild to merc a silly quest. There shouldn’t be content in the game that has such a narrow requirement if the consequences aren’t so unsubstantial as well - 10 crystals and 50k gold lol. Shouldn’t be that hard to add a Wampa to a GC. Why not? They’ve made a bunch of new GC’s anyway - have them tick a few more boxes for content fulfilment.
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