Character lock

I just spent a lot of resources ensuring I had my GLs ultimate ability unlocked prior to the Grand Arena season starting, because I think it locks characters for a full month. Now that the event launched today, my GL does NOT have his ultimate ability unlocked for the event. Why?! Does anyone know when the stats lock in place?


  • UdalCuain
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    The event launched yesterday. Your division is assigned the first time you log in once the tournament launches, and is fixed for the duration of the GAC.

    Your roster for each round of three matches is locked when you hit "Join". Any changes you make after then are not applied.

    Your roster is only locked for this round. When you join the remaining three rounds you'll have the ult available.
  • Thanks for the info! As I made a point of applying the upgrades while the event still said “player lock in (x) hours” I’m surprised that it is considered to have started the day before... but clearly that’s the effect.
    I really thought upgrades did not take effect between rounds that make up a monthly season, so it’s good to hear I’m wrong about that!
  • The division won't change but the upgrades will add on, which will sometimes lead to quite a few of your 8 opponents being at a GP above their division limit by the final week of battles.

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