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Hello Holotable Heroes,

It’s hammer time. The Armorer makes her way from the forge to the Holotables! Her expertise in forging Beskar, in addition to her wealth of traditional Mandalorian knowledge, ensured The Armorer would become a quick and steadfast ally of certain Outer Rim bounty hunters.

With her tools in hand, The Armorer is ready to distribute the new Beskar Armor buff, increasing her allies’ survivability by granting Defense, Health, Protection recovery, Critical Hit Immunity and 100% Counter Chance.

In addition to The Armorer’s abilities, she also introduces the brand new Mandalorian faction tag to Galaxy of Heroes! This tag will also be added to the following characters: The Mandalorian, The Mandalorian (Beskar Armor), Jango Fett, Sabine Wren, Gar Saxon, Imperial Super Commando, and Canderous Ordo.

Make The Armorer part of your tribe by unlocking her in the all new Marquee Event WAY OF THE MANDALORE!

The Basics:
  • The Armorer is a Support character that provides her squad powerful buffs, a reliable way to apply Armor Shred, and calls frequent assists.
  • She is the first character with the Mandalorian tag and this Update will also add this tag to several existing characters.
  • Mirroring The Armorer’s role on the show, she repairs and rebuilds the armor of her allies to be even stronger. In game, this means she restores Protection (thematically the armor for characters in most cases) and applies some very strong buffs for the duration of the encounter.
  • When The Armorer “reforges” her ally’s armor, the Beskar Armor buff sticks around even if she is defeated.
  • The Armorer keeps the squad fighting by restoring 40% Protection to an ally the first time they drop below 60% health.

Unique Attributes:
  • The Armorer uses Beskar Ingots to apply different levels of the Beskar Armor buff to allies.
  • The Beskar Armor buff can apply 1 to 3 permanent effects depending on how many stacks of Beskar Ingots are used.
  • The Armorer has the first Mandalorian Leader ability that works specifically with other Mandalorians.
  • Her Special 2, This is The Way, calls all Mandalorian allies and allies with Beskar Armor to assist. This allows her to call allies to assist even if they aren’t Mandalorians.

  • The Armorer played a significant role in the Mandalorian’s character arc, which is something that we pay homage to with the Beskar Armor that she hands out.
  • We modeled her attack animations from her stand against the Imperial Remnant Stormtroopers.
  • Besides The Armorer’s Basic, all the ability names and the event title come from her words of wisdom.
  • We loved the scene where she was hammering out Mando’s armor on the forge, and wanted to implement something involving reinforcing or rebuilding an ally’s armor.

Strategy Tips:
  • The Armorer is dedicated to helping her allies. Her Unique with Protection recovery and the Beskar Armor buff can’t be applied to herself so The Armorer needs the help of others to stay alive.
  • While the buffs from 1-2 stacks of Beskar Armor are good, you really want to wait until you get 3 stacks of Beskar Ingots to get the maximum effect. Waiting until 3 stacks can be dangerous if you need Defense, Heath and Protection Recovery to stay alive but the 100% Counter Chance can be very powerful and all of these buffs can’t be dispelled.
  • At the start of battle, use Special 2 to apply Armor Shred and call herself to assist (since she’s a Mandalorian) to gain a third stack of Beskar Ingots. She can then apply 3 stacks of Beskar Armor on her next turn.
  • You can use Armor Shred to take down hardened foes quickly but you also may want to apply Armor Shred to an enemy you don’t want to focus down immediately so The Armorer can repeatedly gather Beskar Ingots when it’s her turn.

Ways to acquire Beskar Ingots:
  • The Armorer attacks enemies with Armor Shred.
  • The first time an ally falls below 60% Health.
  • The Armorer begins the fight with 2 stacks of Beskar Ingots.
  • An ally will gain all the buffs listed in the Beskar Armor description when you use 3 stacks of Beskar Ingots.
  • What happens if The Armorer has 1 stack of Beskar Ingots and tries to target an ally with 2 stacks of Beskar Armor?
  • The Beskar Armor stacks do not add together. If you have 1 stack of Beskar Ingots, you won’t be able to target the ally with 2 stacks of Beskar Armor - you’ll need to get up to 3 stacks of Ingots to apply the max level buff to that unit.

The Mando Tag
Who else will get the Mandalorian tag: The Mandalorian, The Mandalorian (Beskar Armor), Jango Fett, Sabine Wren, Gar Saxon, Imperial Super Commando, and Canderous Ordo.

Why did X character not receive the Mandalorian tag? See this post.


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