Where is Jedi Knight Luke's X-wing?

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So after taking a look at my fleet it just clicked to me. Luke seems to be the only main character that was in fact great in a ship that currently does not have one. We've got 3 Luke characters in game now and not a single one of them has a ship. This would be a great addition to the Rebel fleet group.

I chose Jedi Knight Luke over Command Luke skywalker because he was more prominent in his use of the force while flying a ship at this point. Though the argument could be made that he was not quite a Jedi knight when he in fact destroyed the first death star.

Anyhow, how does arguably one of the two most important characters out of the entire era not have his X-wing to use in game? Is this something that could be coming in the future or is already planned to come in the future?

Either way, I'd love to see his X-wing get added as I'm sure many many other players would as well. I don't have Jedi Knight Luke yet but I would certainly grind for him if we got to finally put him into a ship.
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