Please help

I am a new player.
These past few weeks have been a trial run for this game, for me. I like this game and could see this being a staple game in my regiment.
However, I recently bought the 'Large Galaxy Enhancement Kit' off the Google Play Store. WHICH I NEVER RECEIVED.
I contacted support only to be told I needed to provide screenshots from a PC or Console to be helped. Neither of which I have.
Given, this is a mobile game, it's entirely unacceptable that I must use a different system to provide my information from.
I want to enjoy this game thoroughly for the foreseeable future. But, I cannot play another second having been shafted like this.
Is there anything I can do?


  • UdalCuain
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    It can take time to come through. A couple of forced restarts might help.

    For some reason there can be delays between Google/the game. EA can't speed this up.
  • It was on 1-9-21 last week.
    I have since then restarted the app and my phone.
    I also uninstalled/reinstalled, as well as disconnecting/reconnecting to my google play account in game.
    I have also tried the 'settings', 'restore purchases' to no avail.
  • So why won't screenshots from your mobile device work for them? Why does it have to be from a PC or console?
  • I can’t believe you actually got an answer from customer service. Or was it the standard “our top technicians are working hard on your problem and expect an answer very soon” **** message. You should have proof of purchase from Google I know that every single transaction is recorded and that should be more than sufficient to get your stuff. Did the transaction time-out at all? Or perhaps you made a similar dollar amount purchase at the same time.
  • Kyno
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    Your first avenue is to go through Google to make sure the transaction is there, even for play points you get a receipt.

    Then you will need to go through the in game help button to reach out to EA Help, and work with them on getting the purchase restored.

    That is your best bet to get this resolved.
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