What to do next?

Hello! I am having some trouble deciding what direction to go in right now. I am level 52 and rank around 150 in the arena.
The characters I have that are totally leveled to 52 are a 5* Gear VI Sid, a 4* Gear VI Barriss, a 4* Gear VI Luminara a 4* Gear VI Chewie, a 4* Gear VII Consular, and a 4* Gear VI Talia. I also have a 4* Gear V Boba at 49, and a 3* Gear III Luke at 48.
I don't really know what to continue farming for or change as far as my energy investment. I am currently just farming Sid, Lumi, Talia, and Boba.
My main questions are: 1. Should I continue with these? 2. What should I farm in the regular missions? 3. What team composition should I be aiming for?
Thanks for your time!
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