Locked out of my own account

Hi guys, I have an issue where my account seems to have been taken over, and I was wondering if anyone in here have had similar experiences ? What happened was, I got a new phone in November (Android) - but I was unable to log into my gmail account because there was already made an account . I've been using my new phone and logging in with guest (facebook)

2 days ago, I emailed EA about this, asking them if they connect my e-mail with my new device. A couple of hours later, I was contacted by a guy on Discord who offered to help out on my issue. We found out that my account was locked into guest mode on my new phone. He told me I had to create a new g-mail to be able to log into the game on my new phone.

I still couldnt log in, so when he said he could fix my issue, I (foolishly) gave him my login and account details. If I log in now, I can only get into my old game account (at level 4). I can still login with my old phone but when I try to link it he has changed my facebook login with a level 14 rubbish account.
I fear even if I get to link it he still has access to my account.
Anyone have any suggestions?
thank you for your time.


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