STR0NTIUM D0GS Now Recruiting! [49/50] 286m GP, UK/EU Time Zone, CPit On Farm.

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We are a UK based guild but have members from all over the world. We are always active on Discord and are happy to give support and advice wherever we can. Rules and strategy are decided as a group, so all members have a full say in any decisions that affect them.

A bit more about us:

- GP 286m

- Time zone GMT/BST

- HPit 3x weekly HAAT 2x weekly, HSTR and Pit Challenge as often as possible!

- Daily refresh is at 1am BST.

- Raids begin with 24hr registration period.

- Pit Challenge and HSTR attack phase start at 7pm, Rancor and HAAT are simmed.

- Geo TB DS 30*, LS 15*, 30-35 Wat shards, 2-5 KAM Shards

- Winning record in Territory Wars

- Check us out at

We are looking for active players that are keen to make progress in a friendly, supportive environment, you don't have to be the finished article, just eager to improve and willing to take part in guild events. Preference given to players with GP over 5m but will make exceptions for players with lower GP if they are active and improving fast. Looking to improve on our haul of KAM shards so strong Shaak Ti/Clones or Bad Batch teams a big plus. 600 raid tickets daily and participation in TB/TW/Cpit is expected. Only other requirements are that you be active, enthusiastic and have, (or are willing to download) Discord for communication.

If you would like an invite, or have any questions, PM me here, add me on Discord at; Jam Dev#6795 or join our recruitment channel at: (Recruitment channel is best for a quick response).

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