Hacker tries to log in swgoh

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A hacker tries to log in my account i made a new google account and sogned in with it and i am not Connected to Facebook but he however manages to still log in pls do Something
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  • Emguy
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    Does he have your google play account? Change password on it
  • No he hasn't i even made a new google account but he still loges in don't know how he does
  • SnakesOnAPlane
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    How do you know someone is logging into it? And what is this individual doing when they log into it? Show your proof.
  • He deletes my mods and makes my rank down in arena what proof do you want
  • Gouj4
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    How does he make you rank down in arena ? Seems odd that someone would log into an account even after you made a new google account just to delete some mods
  • Did you buy the account? Is it linked to an iOS device, as well?
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    How does he make you rank down in arena ? Seems odd that someone would log into an account even after you made a new google account just to delete some mods

    Putting weak teams in Arena.

    and some people delight in destroying other peoples work.
  • Is it someone you live with possibly doing that?
  • KueChael
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    Can you DM me your ally code.

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    Can you DM me your ally code.


    And Google account info? j/k :D

  • Deathbringer59
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    So many reasons why a hacker could have access to your phone. However I doubt this a hackers doing, they could care less about your games progression and want your personal info and money. If it is truly a hacker, I bet your internet history may be a little dark.. going to some bad sites could do that and give hackers access.

    But I think you bought an account which will get you banned but the seller still has access.

    Or as someone else said, someone you live with? A child or significant other that doesnt like the game?
  • No it s not someone i live with
  • Jack92
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    There Is a way that cra.cker, cause hacker is not the right term, can enter in your account using just your player id.

    On reddis its happened a lot of time.

    Probably devs already know about this, but they can do nothing about.

    So im Sorry for your situation and i Hope devs start to avoid this situation.

    Of course they can also try to enter your email with fishing or other actions like this.

    Taking actions against Cheaters and Cra.ckers must be a priority for this game.

    Using a hidden field unreachable by cra.ckers can be a good starting point.

    For Cheaters its a long Battle, cant be solved completely unfortunately...

    Good luck for your situation.
    Hope devs help you

  • So what should i do now?
  • Kyno
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    Erteka16 wrote: »
    So what should i do now?

    You can reach out to EA Help, but even the above comment would mean that at some point you gave away or someone had access to your personal information. (Email account or player ID)

    So if this is your account and was not accessed through other means, then you should make sure your email account is secure, and then work with EA Help to see what they can do.
  • There Is a Place directed by third part, where almost everyone give his personal player id and this Is swgoh.gg that is featured but not posseded by EA or CG.

    And there are other way that cra.cker can find out this data without having other info.
    Like snuffling data during Battle with a specific setted account.

    I think this Is a Major flaw in this game
    I think an encrypted personal unique id Is required as soon as possible to correct this problem

    Security Is not a minor feature in IT.

    So i really Hope that someone Is working on this.

    In your personal case Erteka16 try to request a second level of support cause First level cant help you

    Good luck
  • Second level of support?
  • Yes, ask to First level to tali with 2nd
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