Challenge Rancor P1 GL Rey Guide - 19-22% Damage - Obliterate Phase 1 With Rex's Massive Hit

Welcome back everyone, Sorry its been a while since my last release, My father was diagnosed with heart disease earlier this month and died a few days later so I haven't had much time to really think about youtube. I've finally found some time to release this video though which is a guide on how to get 19-22% damage in Phase 1 of the Challenge Rancor with GL Rey and Rex. Gear, Mods, and Tactics explained in detail to help you all replicate the results for your guilds. Join me today as we take on the new Pit Raid and if you enjoy the video please be sure to share it with your friends and guilds and subscribe to the channel. Thanks for watching everyone and best of luck in P1 of the Challenge Rancor!
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