GAC: Add option to hide attack phase progress until phase complete

In GAC there is an advantage to waiting until your opponent finishes attacking before starting your attacks. You know if they got through your defenses and how many teams or zones you need to clear and with what efficiency in order to win. While the attack phase lasts 24 hours in Division 1 I see most players wait until the last hour or two to attack because of this. This puts players who cannot play in that last couple of hours at a disadvantage.

I would like to see an option which if either player selects, the opposing player's progress and score is not shown during the attack phase. This would allow players to play at whatever time is most convenient to them without feeling they are at a disadvantage. This should be opt-in (default is to show progress as is currently done), but if either players selects to hide progress it applies to both.


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    I routinely attack first and I win 10-12 matches each GAC.
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    I clean clear my opponent in the first half hour whenever possible. Then....2m0gtd2lrpnf.jpg
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