Active Guilds Looking For Players - February 2021 ***READ RULES IN FIRST POST***


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    Guild GP: 193M
    Slots Open: TBD

    We are currently looking for 3-4 players. We are a casual but very active guild looking for players who love star wars and play the game daily. We have an active discord server with a few independent guilds sharing as well as a number of helpful bots.

    Our requirements:
    3M-4M+ GP or heavily optimized roster
    Wat-Ready Preffered
    600 tickets daily
    TB/TW participation mandatory - this is how we grow together help the team and the team helps you
    Discord preferred

    DSGeo - 22*
    LSGeo - 10*
    Alternate LSGeo & LSHoth
    Sith Raid 8pm UTC

    We will kick after 7 days of inactivity and if people repeatedly do not participate in guild events (TW/TB). We make every reasonable attempt to contact people before doing that.

    SCW is growth minded - many of us working towards GLs - but we know how to strike that balance between fun and grinding. Nobody is going to hunt you down for not hitting 600 tickets on occassion...but we will hunt you down if you don't deploy in TB and your GP gets us all to the next reward tier. Feel free to DM me on discord . We can probably take up to 4.
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    Anakin's kin
    Guild Info:
    Guild's reset time zone: EST (GMT-4)
    Raids: HPIT to HSTR daily when tickets are available
    Territory Battle: We earn at least 7 stars for Light GTB and around 15 for Dark GTB while obtaining Wat Tambor shards.
    Activity Expectation: Participate in every guild event (Territory Battles and Wars) as well as donating max tickets as much as life allows.
    Requirement: 1-2 million GP and teams for the GTB

    Detailed Description:
    We are a serious-fun guild. We expect people to be active as possible (as much as life allows), but still enjoy the game as it is. We are alive in every event, able to complete all the heroic raids with ease, and are able to obtain shards for Wat Tambor from Dark GTB. We're welcoming anyone that meets requirement to join us and continue pushing content and grow together.

    Contact Information:
    Forum Name: Huynher
    Discord: LordSHADY#6744, Huynher#8015
    Ally Code: LordSHADY: 985-375-146, Huynher: 584-976-812
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    Return of the Rebels TRSB

    Heroic Raid are all 24hr join
    Pit 7:00pm UTC
    Tank 8:00pm UTC
    Sith 9:00pm UTC

    Guild Specifics:
    Currently at 91milGP
    Tickets: 500+ a day
    TW: Alternate from Geo to Hoth
    Discord Req: We recommend discord and in game chat a must
    Min of 1mil+ GP

    Contact Details in game
    JM 223165172
    JM2 655562977

    Participation in all Events is required to help the guild grow and the great rewards! We understand real life is a thing, however please inform us if you are going to be inactive and for how long
  • TheLiz
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    Wookiees and Cream
    246 mil gp

    Casual and competitive guild looking for one player with at least 5 mil gp. Some of us have been together for 3+ years now. Basic rules. No outside chat. Pit/tank sim and we launch hsith at different times and don't allow anyone to hog the top spots regardless of roster.

    26* ds geo
    12* ls geo

    The Liz
    Ally: 181778532

  • Lowynn
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    I'm Lowynn (one of the officers in the guild SithAndTwisted 66). We are currently looking for 1 player (at least 3 mil GP +) to fill our ranks.

    Guild Info:

    1) 149 million GP
    2) Our guild is based on the E.S.T.
    3) Our raids typically start at 6:00 p.m.
    4) Heroic Pit Raid is "simmed," HAAT & HSTR are on "farm status"
    5) LS Hoth = 36-40 Stars, DS Hoth = 36-40 Stars,
    DS Geo = 10-12 Stars (just starting to acquire Wat shards)


    1) 300 Raid Tickets per day minimum
    2) Discord is mandatory
    3) After joining our Discord Server register with Echobase and obtain your Discord role
    4) Your game profile must be registered with
    5) Familiarize yourself with our guild rules and raid info, and
    6) Participation in TB's & TW's is required

    We understand that real life takes precedence over SWGoH, just inform an officer or post a message in our "absence channel" in Discord if you are unable to attend/particpate for an extended period of time.

    Last but not least, if you apply to our guild, I will respond to your application in SWGoH as quickly as I can. Please be available to communicate.

    Ally Code: 574-736-462
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    Chairborne Rangers (Invite only)

    Spots open: 5+

    About us...
    We are one independent guild of three in an Wolf Den alliance.
    No force farming
    On farms/sims HPIT, HAAT, HSTR - 24 hours wait period, 8 local start time rotating with EST, PST, EU (Germany)
    24 Geo DSTB, 21 WAT shards
    10 Geo LSTB, 0 KAM shards
    44 Hoth LSTB

    Must be active - daily players only (not casual)
    Must be at minimum level 85
    Must be at minimum have 3m GP
    Must have account

    Here's our rules...
    Do the quest's daily guild activities and generate at least 300 tickets (20 misses in 2 months, get removed)
    No login for 10 straight days without notifying me, get removed.
    We have strike system... for TB/TW. If rule for strategy broken, get a strike. 3 strikes, get removed.

    Rules are as follow...
    For TW defense, if you join, must score points otherwise get a strike.
    For TB, anyone do rebel action, get a strike (rarely happened). Must produce minimum waves.

    Discord is optional - rated PG

    Any questions? Or welcome aboard?
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    Wu Tang Clan


    UK based, with members across both sides of the pond. We are a long standing guild, with a proud history and not part of an alliance.

    We're looking for new members who would like to join a serious guild.

    We have:
    • An active Discord with lots of bots and resources
    • All Heroic Raids on farm - PIT & HAAT SIM. HSTR 20:00 UTC
    • A great mix of US and European members
    • LSTB - 14* and 4 KAM shards
    • DSTB - 28* and 38 Wat shards

    We need from you:
    • 4 Mil GP (can be a bit lower if members have Revans and other meta squads)
    • 2 relic meta squads
    • Geo squad that can do the Wat TB mission
    • SWGOH.GG profile
    • Join our Discord
    • TB = Full participation
    • TW = Optional, but join and you must Defend and attack

    Our Guild reset time is 19:30 UTC

    Please feel free to message me in game (495-615-227) or on Discord (ChuckRambo#5864)

    Our Guild Discord is
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    We of the Guild of Chaos are on the lookout for new members since we had to kick a few members out due to inactivity. We would like to see participation in the Guild Challenges and Territory Battles at minimal. We only kick players after 100 days of inactivity pass, though if something prevents you from playing, we will not count it against you.

    Ally code is 313-971-166 if you wish to contact me.

    Side note: if y’all are bothered by the size of our guild, let me know prior to joining, please?
  • Luk3
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    If you want some fun and laughs then we are the Zebra's for you so come run with our herd!

    Challenge Rancor is on farm and we get 31/20 stars in Geo TB

    We also have a fun, vibrant discord as long as you don't get stuck in the dungeon

    In return the Zebra is looking for you to:
    Be working towards your second GL
    Hit top 50 in both arenas.
    Have GP roughly equivalent to a minimum of 5.5M
    Be active in discord.
    Do all the normal daily, participating stuff.

    This is negotiable for the right person so come and say hi
  • mime60
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    Our guild is looking for new players.
    We are a friendly, fun, relaxed guild (no crazy rules), all activities,
    no Tickets minimum, just try to participate in guild events.
    Our strategy, guild members, and experience allow us to succeed and grow!
    200m GP
    Raid Time - 6pm GMT
    Raids: heroic with 24 h join period, Rancor and HAAT simmed
    Territory Battles: Geo

    GP 2,5m+ or a good rooster
    be active!

    Questions? You want to join? Send me a message.
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    LeadersThatDontLeave is 288M GP with two spots open.


    5.5M+ GP
    TB-focused roster
    GL or working towards
    Rancor challenge squad
    600 raid tickets/day
    Active discord
    SWGOH.GG profile

    Guild reset time is 6:30pm Eastern.

    31 :star: in DS Geo TB | 44 Wat shards
    18 :star: in LS Geo TB | 8 KAM shards [close to 19-20!]

    All raids (except for rancor challenge) are on farm with a 24 hour join period.

    HSTR alternates between 1:00pm and 8:00pm Eastern; solos need to wait 45 minutes before completing the run.

    Getting close to beating challenge rancor.

    If we sound like a good fit and you would like to learn more about us, come chat with us on Discord
    "In the darkest night, any light is welcome." – I, Jedi
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    All is One One is All is looking for 3 members.
    We are a Active independent guild looking for more people.
    We are a US based guild but we take people from all areas.
    Not looking for mercs.
    1.5 Mil preferred, participation in tw and tb is a must,
    Discord is required.
    Looking to grow as a guild and help others grow.
    We are capable of Heroic Pit, Tank and Sith.
    Raids are at 10 am est
    Guild Gp 120, 135,546
    My user name is Xariel
    If you are interested message me on discord xariel7#5178
    Or hop into our new recruit channel
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    Mind Tricks: Knights are seeking new teammates.

    Looking for:
    • GP of 3 mil or focused roster or super active
    • 500+ Tickets Daily (RL comes first)
    • Players who want to help lead and become officers
    • Discord and

    About Knights:
    • 220 mil GP w/ 5 current openings (could create more for the right group)
    • 27* DSGTB (18 Wat)
    • 12* LS Geo (2 KAM)
    • TB mandatory, TW optional - participation required if you join
    • Raids on auto, Sith raid at 9:00 pm EST
    • Guild reset at 7:30 pm EST
    • Active on discord
    • No forced farming but guidance when requested.
    • Member of Mind Tricks Alliance, they step in and help us achieve higher numbers when requested. We would love to find some permanent members to help us keep higher stats!

    DM me @ Onlsow#9373 on discord or in game 631-682-591
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    Red5Rogue2 200+ Million GP Strong

    Friendly active guild willing to help with growth. We use and Discord.
    Heroic Rancor: Roughly every 1-2 days with a 24 hour join period starting at 3:30pm PST.
    Heroic HAAT: Roughly every 1.5 days with a 24 hour join period starting at 5:30pm PST.
    Heroic Sith Triumvirate: Roughly once every 2-3 days at 3:30pm PST.
    Rancor Unleashed: Roughly once every 2-3 days at 3:30pm PST.
    TB: Currently, we are focusing on ONLY running DS Geonosian TB with an average 27 stars, 35++ WAT shards and LS TB with an average of 13 stars.  We dont have plans to revisit the HOTH version for now
    TW: We have several members that have impeccable teams both for offense and defense. Holding our own, but looking to bolster the ranks (about 90% win rate)!
    600 Tickets Daily, we ask that you play as often as possible, but ask that you give us a heads up if you will be away for a period of time to help prevent removal from the guild. Also, we understand we all have lives outside SWGOH, but do your best to Participate in all events.
    3.5+ million GP (But, willing to help all because we were once where you were and understanding what it takes to build on loyalty. Contact us if less than 3 million to improve your chances to join us, all GP are negotiable)
    Revans, General Anakin Skywalker, Galactic Republic and Geonosian squads are preferred however there are no character requirements.
    In Game: PhoTime Ally code: 187-815-362
    In Game: BobaStark Ally code: 791-167-146
    PhoTime#1654 BobaStark#1531
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    Universal Peacekeepers

    We are an active, semi-casual guild for people not looking to be a hard core serious gamer with an elite guild. Most of our guild members have families & jobs. We also have some members in school. The goal of our guild is to enjoy the game as a group, while still striving to be competitive in guild events.

    Our guild is at ~200mil GP, and we’re currently looking to fill 1 spot. We require active participation, with a target of 300 raid tickets/day; however, no one gets kicked unless they're inactive without notice for over a week, or consistently missing TB participation. TW is optional, but if you join you must contribute.

    - TW: we have a very good TW track record, with about 90% wins over the last year.
    - DS Geo: 19* / 15 Wat Shards on our last run.
    - LS Geo: 9* latest attempt. We throw in a LS Hoth once every 4 LS TBs (43* last attempt)
    - All raids are FFA, and commence at 8pm GMT. Top 10 in HSR is usually very obtainable.

    Most the folks in our guild are located in the UK or Europe. With some in the US, and others scattered about.

    We’re a friendly group that likes to chat on Discord about the game and real life. We would love to add some new members to join the team!

    The link to our discord is below. Feel free to drop in and say hello.
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    IOTA has two spots open.

    What are we looking for:
    600 tickets on a daily basis (of course)
    6.5 mio GP (2 GL)
    KAM ready
    Full TB participation (mandatory)
    If joining TW -> full participation mandatory

    If you are interested, please contact me on discord: TheAngel#5791
    Or join our recruiting server:

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      255+ Mio GM | GeoTS 27*/14*| H-Raids | Beitritt ab 3 Mio GM bei passenden Roster möglich
        Anarchic Fireworld sucht aktive Spieler!

          HPIT-SIM, HAAT-SIM und HSTR mit Registrierungsphase, Start 21 Uhr
            beim GeoTS wird rege Teilnahme erwartet, DSGeo 27*/WAT Splitter, LSGeo 14*/KAM Splitter
              bei TK-Anmeldung ist Aktivität Pflicht
       und Discord sind wünschenswert

                Bei Interesse Nachricht an: Sternkrieger 214-263-197
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                Massive Badgers are a friendly active UK based guild looking for players 1.5M and above, Current GP is 175M, We are fully Heroic. 41 stars in both Hoths and 15 stars in DS Geo. Message me if interested. 158-942-955
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                288mil GP UK Guild

                Currently looking for players to join us!

                Clearing all heroic raids, Including the challenge rancor raid 🌟💪🏻💯

                - Guild Reset - 4.30pm (UK)
                - HRancor (Simmed) - 6.00pm - (UK)
                - HTank (Simmed) - 6.00pm (UK)
                - Challenge Rancor - Fri 9.00pm (UK) (1-2 hours to complete)
                - HSTR - 9.00pm (UK)
                - Discord required
                - Daily contribution of 600 Tickets is encouraged but we understand RL may affect that so no pressure!
                - LSTB 45 Star (suspended)
                - DSTB 48 Stars (suspended)
                - DS Geo - 30 Stars - LS Geo - 20 stars
                - Need to contribute to TW/TB

                5mil GP is the minimum requirement, If you don’t meet the requirements but have a focused roster please visit our discord and we can definitely talk about it!

                We are a fun, friendly and helpful guild! Join our discord to find out more about us!

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                Our guild is looking for new players.
                We are a friendly, fun, relaxed guild (no crazy rules), all activities,
                no Tickets minimum, just try to participate in guild events.
                Our strategy, guild members, and experience allow us to succeed and grow!

                200m+ GP
                Raid Time - 6pm GMT
                Raids: heroic with 24 h join period, Rancor and HAAT simmed
                Territory Battles: Geo

                GP 3m+ or a good rooster
                be active!

                Questions? You want to join? Send me a message.
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                230M GP Guild w 4 spots open
                Looking to finish Challenge Pit soon
                Completing 3 Phases currently

                27 stars Separatist Might, 30 Wat Shards
                13 stars Republic Offensive

                4M GP or very focused roster
                Prefer at least 1 GL
                Participate in TBs, Participate in TW if joining
                Please join our discord after joining guild

                Casual but active guild.

                Open to join
                Ally Code- 896-986-543

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                Thrawns in ****


                48/50 Members
                145 Mill GP

                Semi-Casual but Active and Competitive.

                6:30pm Central guild reset.

                38+ stars in LS Hoth
                Geo DS - 13 stars and several wat shards

                Daily Active - 450 raid tix min
                1.75M GP
                Active Discord presence preferred
                TB: Full participation (platoons, battles & deployments) is mandatory.
                TW: Registration is optional, but if registered, participation is mandatory.
                Advance notice of absences

                • Rancor - on sim
                • HAAT - on sim
                • HSTR rotating - also no rules

                LTDL Spaceport
                67 Online
                353 Members

                SWGOH.GG - Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes Database
                Thrawns in **** · SWGOH.GG
                Check out Thrawns in **** Roster and accomplishments on Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes
              • hyme
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                Heroes with 1000 Faces is an independent guild and is
                Currently looking for 2 individuals to join our ranks.
                Currently 48/50 - 222 mil GP
                Current requirements are level 85 and 3 mil GP
                We have 90% win ratio in TW
                We get 26+ stars in DS Geo TB
                We get 11+ on current LS Geo TB.
                We expect everyone to sign up for all raids when they log.
                We expect everyone to deploy all characters and ships in TB as they log.
                We expect that if an individual does not want to or can not actively participate in TW, That they do NOT sign up. If an individual signs up we expect active participation throughout the event.
                Everyone in our group does their part including officers and we expect the same for new members.
                We do not have farming requirements or force people to pay. We hope all enjoy the game and will work together to progress. We hope you choose to join us on your journey.
                Contact us on Discord at
                Contact us in-game at
                JediRob24 495-567-969
                Petrol 768-394-336
                Orion DiJackal 138-587-223
                Hyme 271-481-216
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                Hey everybody, Ronin with Lazer Swords has a few spots available and we're looking for active players to fill them, Sitting at 194M GP we're averaging between 11-14 stars LS Geo TB and 20-26 DS Geo TB. This being said we have lost a few members and these numbers can change.

                We're currently at 43W and 5 Losses in TW.
                .With this in mind we're looking for a minimum of 3M gp unless you have a very streamlined roster.

                We have some pretty easily achievable rules/expectations to the right people.

                1.) Expectation is 600 tickets a day.  That being said, life happens and no one gets the boot for posting less every now and then.  Just don't consistently post 400 or 500

                2.) Expectation is at least 100 banners in each TW, hopefully many more. If you can't fight a TB for some reason just communicate it with the officers

                3.) Minimum 9 million territory points in each TB.  This is a bare minimum and is how much you should get if you have our minimum guild GP and only deploy each day.  Again, hopefully everyone is getting much more.

                4.) Heroic characters should be attained by the 3rd time they come around.  Second time around is usually free to play if you focus, 3rd time definitely is.

                5.) Must be registered on SWGOH.  This is how we coordinate all TB and TW strategies.

                6.) Anyone with Luminara over gear 8  ---> das boot

                7.) Please attempt to farm characters that help the guild (e.g. geo brood alpha to get the guild wat tambor shards)

                8.) Never feel obligated to spend money on this game.  If you feel the itch to spend and you don't want to, post on discord and we'll talk you down. We're all in this together! The last thing we want is this guild to negatively affect your life.

                9.) Follow all officer commands on TB's we have specific instructions every phase to help maximize stars to help the entire guild.

                10.) Be sure to check discord often as thats how we communicate during TW's and TB's

                Guild refresh is 10:30PM UTC

                If you think you'd make a good fit jump on our discord and say Hi!


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                We're a semi-relaxed, highly organized, established, higher-level independent guild. That's a mouthful, but it sums it up. Like many guilds, we are focusing on getting through cPit and improving on TB. We're looking for players with a typical, balanced roster (guild avg is 5.5M) and either GL Rey, SLKR, or viable Vader team for cPit. Discord is mandatory due to this new game "content."
                • LS Geo: 17★; DS Geo 30★
                • TW optional (but participation mandatory if joined)
                • Pit & AAT SIM
                • STR (ffa) at 8pm EST
                • cPit P1 at 8pm EST Sun, P2 at 9pm; P3 at 8pm Mon, P4 at 9pm
                Send me a direct message or join our discord server here:
              • Lovimgsaskia1
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                The Yavin Pirates - 294mh5gg9cdzdusg.jpg

                Seeking 1 replacement

                Part of the Pirates Alliance. A UK based guild but with members from both side of the Atlantic. All raids on farm with raids launching at 20:00 UTC
                CPIT on farm - cleared in 45 minutes

                GEO DS 31 star
                GEO LS 23 star

                Wat shards: 47
                KAM shards: 23

                The guild is incredibly well run by a great leadership team. We are well organised and fun guild who use discord to the maximum. We offer:-
                -help, advice, tips and mentoring
                -bantor, bots and more.
                -TW focused with defences set up by our dedicated team organisers.

                In return we ask for commitment, to 600 tickets daily and to be on Discord.
                5.5m min gp but will consider if you have the right teams.
                Top 50 in both arena preferred.
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                All is One One is All is looking for 3 members.
                We are a Active independent guild looking for more people.
                We are a US based guild but we take people from all areas.
                Not looking for mercs.
                1.5 Mil preferred, participation in tw and tb is a must,
                Discord is required.
                Looking to grow as a guild and help others grow.
                We are capable of Heroic Pit, Tank and Sith.
                Raids are at 10 am est
                Guild Gp 120, 135,546
                My user name is Xariel
                If you are interested message me on discord xariel7#5178
                Or hop into our new recruit channel
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                **Malachor Rebørn** - 261+ Mil GP Guild

                *We are an Independent Guild that finds a balance between hardcore and casual. We put an emphasis on participation, but recognize real life **always** comes first!*

                **Current Needs:** 1 Player

                🔸 **GP:**4 mil Preferred, but will take full roster into account
                🔹 **RAIDS:** Fully Heroic
                🔸 **TB:** Geo - Mandatory Participation
                - 29 ⭐ DS TB - 30 Wat Shards
                - 14 ⭐ LS TB - Working on KAM Shards
                🔹 **TW:** - Optional to Join, Mandatory Participation if Joined
                🔸 **Additional Info:**
                - 600 Tickets Daily
                - Discord is a Must
                - HAAT 8:00 PM EST
                - HPIT 5:30 PM EST (simmed)
                - HSTR 12:00 PM/8:00 PM EST (Rotates)
                - Server Reset: 6:30 PM EST
                - Have fun and respect one another

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