Casual Guilds Looking For Players - February 2021 ***READ RULES IN FIRST POST***


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    Advanced Recon Comandos
    Looking for players with at least 1 million gp and is active. Discord is not required

    38 million gp
    Currently doing H Pit, H Tank and t5 Sith raids.
    Can add 15-20ish players.
    Message me if you would like to join us!
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  • TrenoPhoenix is now hiring.
    Casual competitive guild seeking semi ambitious players with solid rosters of around 4 million gp.

    We run both genesis tb and get plenty of wat shards.

    For more information contact me in game.

    We do have an active discord, but it is not required.

    Do not contact me if you're feelings are hurt easily. We talk plenty of crap and keep the game fun. No need to be an active chatter, just an active player that will follow directions.
  • Straegen
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    Breaking Beskar - 193m US casual guild, 1 million GP min

    Our guild, Breaking Beskar, wants active players seeking a laid back guild to call home. We prioritize enjoyment over GP so we encourage players to make friends and participate but we also understand real life events are often a greater priority. We have a strong experienced core of around 30 players that have been together for years.
    About us:
    • We are an independent guild
    • Primarily EST based (8pm/9pm EST raids)
    • Winning TW record (3 zetas per win!)
    • HSTR (Traya shards) and prepping for Heroic Rancor
    • We vary on TBs due to our casual nature (Wat shards)
    What we are looking for:
    • Active players looking to make new friends
    • Level 85
    • 1 million plus GP suggested
    • Discord is helpful but not required
    • 500+ or so daily raid tickets
    • No roster requirements
    • Chase the characters you want!
    • TB/TW optional (we expect participation if you sign up for TW)
    THIS IS THE WAY! View our Guild Profile at Breaking Beskar - or log on to our Discord - If you have any questions, message RotorGeorge in-game with ally code 929-772-835 or discord at RotorGeorge#9632. We look forward to hearing from you.
  • 404 not found

    Casual friendly guild with an optional discord. We welcome both old and new players. Primarily UK based but do have players in the US and Europe.

    Some of us are on the above link so you can see the mix that we have.

    We run all raids on heroic, DS geo TB we normally hit 18 stars, LS we bounce between hoth and geo (42/8- rough average stars hoth/geo) all raids have a 24h join so everyone has the opportunity to get rewards.

    All we ask is if you join a TW you participate and in TB if orders are up if they can be followed as they're up to benefit and maximise everyone's rewards.
  • TrenoPhoenix is now hiring.
    Casual competitive guild seeking semi ambitious players with solid rosters of around 4 million gp.

    We run both genesis tb and get plenty of wat shards.

    For more information contact me in game.

    We do have an active discord, but it is not required.

    Do not contact me if you're feelings are hurt easily. We talk plenty of crap and keep the game fun. No need to be an active chatter, just an active player that will follow directions.
  • Darth_Starkiller1
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    Is now Recruiting players looking for active/semi active players. Several spots have opened up so if you want to build your crew have fun and help your fellow Guildmembers then come check us out! Most of our players are Low to midrange If you have higher then come and shine with the mandelor’s! Look us up in game REVENGEoFMANDELORE. PLAYERS WANTED!
  • Hello there! If you speak german and search for a friendly and active guild, join the GRF today!
    Guild name: German Rebel Force
    Guild GP: 100 Million
    Active Members: 45/50
    SWGOH link:
    Recruiter: PlaYa_OnE / Discord: PlaYa_OnE#6332 / Ally Code 294-649-215
    Guild Reset Time: 6:00 pm / 18:00 Uhr
    Discord available: Yes, but not mandatory
    Raids: All Raids heroic, Rancor is simmed
    TB Performance: 30 Stars in LS Hoth, about 8 Stars in DS Geo
    TW Performance: Some wins, some losses
    Requirements: German speaking, active players with 5 Star Raid Han Solo unlocked
  • Hello there. If you speak russian and looking for casualish guild then you should join Барсы Меткона.
    Yep, we're russian, but we're not bad.
    For now we have 37/50 guild members. Many of us registered on swgoh. gg(just delete spaces near dot)
    Our requirements: 1,5 mln GP, 85 level. Would be great if you have 7* Han Solo and General Kenobi.
    We're doing Heroic Pit 2-3 times a week, Heroic Tank 1-2 times a week and Heroic Triumvirate once a week.
    Feel free to drop in.
  • We are Mandalores Garde. We are a german speaking, casual but active guild with 75m GP and are looking for new members.

    We're doing Heroic Pit and Heroic HAAT Raid with T6 Triumvirate Raid. In Hoth TB we get between 25-30 stars, currently not doing Geo TB. In TW we have over 95% win rate as we have 2 GLs in our guild.

    We currently have 33 members whose GPs range from below 1 mil up to 6 mils. We have a discord channel but it isn't mandatory to join. We have a friendly environment and welcome all german speaking players. We offer advice be it modding or general roster advice.

    What we are looking for:
    • Active and friendly players
    • Participation in TW/TB is suggested but not mandatory
    • No minimum ticket requirements
    • No min GP or roster requirements

    If you have any questions you may contact me here or in game or join our discord. You may also directly message our recruiter in game. Come join our ranks if you want to have fun. For Mandalore!

    Ally code of our recruiter Knusperkurt: 542-815-855
    My ally code Venx Kril: 741-675-945 page:

  • mime60
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    Our guild is looking for new players.
    We are a friendly, fun, relaxed guild (no crazy rules), all activities, just try to participate in guild events.
    Our strategy, guild members, and experience allow us to succeed and grow!
    209m+ GP
    Raid Time - 8pm CET
    Raids: heroic with 24 h join period, Rancor and HAAT simmed
    Territory Battles: Geo
    GP 2,5m+ or a good rooster
    be active!
    Questions? You want to join? Send me a message.
  • Gonuclearnow
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    Join Universe Heroes. We are a casual guild (160M Gp) 45/50. All heroic raids except new Pit event. Sep Geo TB 10-13 stars, Hoth TB about 35 stars. US based. Looking for players who participate but we understand life sometimes gets in the way. Ally code 539-223-113.
  • DanTheDork17
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    Knights of the 5ith
    Message me on discord DanTheLoser#1246

    --> Discord Mandatory
    --> mandatory
    --> Minimum of 800k gp
    --> NO Daily Raid Tickets Required but must log in every day unless in loa
    --> Participation in all Territory Battles unless in loa
    --> Join all Territory Wars
    --> 51 Million GP
    —> LSHTB 22 stars, DSHTB 24 stars
    --> Guild Reset 8:30 PM EST
    --> Tier 7 Sith Raid-Auto-launch when tickets available-24 Hr join period
    --> Tier 7 Pit Raid - Auto-launch when tickets available-24 Hr join period
    --> Tier 7 Tank Raid - Auto-launch when tickets available- 24 hr join period
    --> What you can expect from us: knights of the 5ith is a casual guild great for the beginner player where you can learn the game as you want. All members input is important and leadership will adapt to suit the desires of the whole guild. Now we have an emphasis on Territory Wars. If you are able to join it will be expected so others can get rewards, but you are not yet required to participate.
  • ocuelus
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    Hello everyone,

    Mercs' Order is looking for 2 or 3 players to join our guild.

    We are a laid back and casual guild but are quite active. We want to continue progressing in all personal and guild events, and would like to bring in people that love to play this game.

    Our guild GP is 174million and we run all heroic raids. We usually win territory war and want to continue gaining ground on Geo TB's.

    We do not require the use of discord but we do ask that you have at least 2million GP.

    If this sounds like the place for you and you want to have some fun with a few other folks let me know. We do everything we can to help each other out and there is no drama.

    thanks for taking the time to read this posting and we wish you much success in life and in the game.

    Ally code is 284-291-385
  • TrenoPhoenix is looking to hire a couple of well rounded players in the neighborhood of 4 mil gp.

    Running exclusively geonosis tbs right now, with a plan to return for a hot round to perfect then in the near future.

    Casual, competitive guild with freedom to farm what you want. Only requirement is to be active and compete. Help the guild where you can.

    Contact me in game to ask more questions.



    Are you looking for a guild that is serious enough to make steady progress in the game, but without excessive drama and control?

    We are a laid-back friendly guild. We won't try to control your roster - as long as you are active daily and pitch in with TB and TW, we are happy. Play the game in the way you enjoy it.

    We have all heroic raids on farm, currently 28 *DSGeo/15 *LSGeo in TB, about 25 Wat shards and a few KAM shards. GP just over 250m as we recruit new members. HSTR at 8:00PM US Central/0100 UTC. We are focusing on improving in CPit, we just got our 7 * Wats and now CPit is the priority.

    We are a family that grows together. We have very low turnover (less than one per month), members tend to stick with us until they retire. We currently have 1 spot available.

    Preference will be given to rosters over 3.5m GP, but lower GP rosters will be considered.

    Send me a PM (keydash306#5766 on discord) or drop by our discord and say hi.
  • Greetings from the TALLADAGOBAH KNIGHTS Currently 200mil gp.
    We are looking to fill 8 open spots
    Like many others we have a solid core of players, and recently many veterans have been hanging up their lightsabers
    Most have been playing 4 years. I would argue that community is probably holding us together more so than the game but we remain active and quite competitive.
    Discord preferred but not mandatory.
    12 Million GP w/6 GLs and your first born's Credit Card number preferred, However we gladly accept any active participants 3.5+ Million GP.
    No solid rules, just stay as active as you can.
    DS Geo. 26*
    LS Geo 9*
    27-23 in recent TW.
    HPIT & Haat on sim
    HSTR rotates 7pm and 10pm and reset at 9:30 Eastern.
    Let me know if you have any questions.
    Are two
    Discord- Are Two#2388
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    Force Born Guild is Recruiting

    We are a casual play guild with 36 daily players.  Just finished our 4th merger this last December. 

    We recently started Geonosis TW.  It's a relic squad map with good rewards.  Right now we rotate, dark side Geonosis and then both sides Hoth.

    Joining every TW is expected.  We win most of them.  Absent exceptions are made for hospital and family stuff of course so join up and enjoy the game.

    We don't use discord right now. Wasn't a lot of interest in it, but it's available.  Force Born is a pretty quiet guild.  Everyone knows their jobs and plays each day at their own convenience.  We do Pit, Sith and Tank raids every week.   There is one requirement when setting up our TW defense front lines.

    One thing I have noticed about the Star Wars search engine is that it doesn't always show the guilds your looking for.  PM me and I'll send you an ally invite if you don't see us.  Thanks.

    Coffin's Ally-Code 852-845-197

    Guild 138 mil GP

    Player GP -  up to 6 + mil

    Pit - SIM

    Sith - Heroic

    Tank - Heroic

    TW - Hoth and Dark side Geonosis.

  • Calamitous Intent is seeking active members to earn tickets & participate in Territory Wars and Battles.

    Free to play friendly casual guild.

    Guild activities on US Eastern time zone.

    All Heroic raids w/24 hour join period.
    Sim the Rancor raid.

    120 million GP currently (carrying inactives to Sim Rancor)

    Currently run LS Hoth & alternate DS Territory Battles.

    We've seen a lot of turnover & burnout (& a couple guild merges). But I created the Guild the 1st day guilds were available.  So I will be in it as long as the game exists.

    Currently open to join.

    Discord & encouraged but not required.

    Aerogator#9975 (my Discord).
    My ally code: 321-755-675

    This is the way.
  • Hello everyone,

    We at Mando Galaar are looking for active recruits as yourself. Are you an experienced vet, growing mid range player or fresh off the freighter recruit? This is the place for you. We are a quiet bunch at times but help each other out and are consistently growing. We show each other respect as it should be.

    We generally have 1-3 raids going at a time as often as we can. We like to give all members an opportunity to participate in the raid and earn rewards before it is completed. We are active in Rebel Assault and Territory Wars to earn good rewards.

    Please reach out to Jerex Kaah (Officer 696-693-749) or Mando‘Galaar (Leader 796-143-978) in game or to Jerex Kaah via the forums.

    We look forward to hearing from you and wish you the best.

    This is the way....
  • TrenoPhoenix is looking to hire a couple of well rounded players in the neighborhood of 4 mil gp. Should have or be close to having at least 1 galactic legend.

    Running exclusively geonosis tbs right now, with a plan to return for a hot round to perfect then in the near future.

    Casual, competitive guild with freedom to farm what you want. Only requirement is to be active and compete. Help the guild where you can.

    Contact me in game to ask more questions.

  • Belgian rebels advanced has room for 10 players.
    Level 85
    1M GP
    Discord: 343ePAn, we use this for assignments in TB account recommended

    We do Hpit on sim, haat, hsith, geoTB
  • ga1elm0v4cv4.jpg

    4 Guilds looking to Fill our Ranks please see Poster for contact infor for the guild you would like to apply for
  • f82bd
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    Are you an active but laid back player and Star Wars junkie?

    Are you looking for something in the European timezone?

    If so, AT-AT Walkers is the right place for you.

    ally code: 887-344-419

    Check us out here: - guild activities refresh: 00:30 UTC, hstr/haat: 17:00 UTC, 20 wat shards & 16* geo DS

    **Looking for 1** **Immediately Open**

    __**NABOO**__- We are technically **independent** but have the benefit of 17 other guilds to **share information**. We are Competitive but Laid Back Top End Guild. Drama Free Zone. We do get Real Life comes first.

    __**WHAT WE OFFER**__
    -315M Guild
    -**Avg 6M** (Subject to Change)
    -Raid times-8pm EST
    -**Cpit on Farm**
    -**TB Focus**
    -31* DS Geo
    -22* LS Geo
    -14 KAM shards
    -TW semi-focued

    __**WHAT WE ASK FROM YOU**__
    -**Discord Mandatory**
    -**MANDATORY 600**
    -Participate in ALL guild aspects
    -Full participation in TB
    -Participate in defense and offense in TW
    -KAM Ready
    -Minimum 1-2GLs
    -JKL preferred

    Come realize your potentially and have fun.
    **DM DarthSnugglePanda#0168**

  • Die Petzi's Padawans suchen Verstärkung!
    Ein Mitglied kann die Zeit für unseren letzten alt acc nicht mehr aufbringen. Daher suchen wir aktiven Ersatz.
    Unsere Gilde gibt es fast seit den Anfängen und wurde nach und nach durch aktive neuere Spieler erweitert. Daher finden bei uns sowohl alte Hasen, wie auch Neueinsteiger (1mio GP werdet ihr schon brauchen um überall mitmachen zu können) einen Platz, solange sie unseren Spielstil teilen:
    Das ist nur ein Spiel, aber wenn wir etwas spielen, wollen wir gewinnen und uns verbessern. Das echte Leben geht aber natürlich vor.
    Wir haben derzeit 185 mio GP.
    Spielen alle Raids heroisch.
    Wobei der HAAT und HRancor um 18:00 UTC und der HSITH im Wechsel um 18:00 UTC und 2 UTC (unseren paar Mitgliedern aus Amerika geschuldet) beginnen.
    Alle drei mit 24h Beitrittsphase.
    Auch sonst steht bei uns teamplay im Vordergrund.
    Geo LS 9 Sterne,
    Geo DS 19 Sterne mit 14+ WAT
    seit 18 Monaten unbesiegt im TW und ein optionaler Discord channel bezeugen das!
    Bei Fragen stehen ich hier oder ingame: 157-812-111 zur Verfügung.

    Euer GreatMacros

  • azpqmh3wpfc6.jpg

    Cantina Cover band is looking for 2 active players. We are a relaxed guild over 210 mil when full. To join you need to have 3.0 mil GP and be an active player.
    We know real life happens and always comes first. If you are going to be inactive for more than 5 days let someone know.
    Be respectful to other guild mates and have fun.
    If you sign up for TW you must get 90 banners and participate on both offense and defense.
    We do all heroic raids. We sim the Pit with tank and HSTR is at 6:00pm CST.
    We do Geo Dark and light TB. You must deploy at least 3 out of 4 days.
    We use guild chat for but do recommend discord.
    If you are interested message me here or on discord at HC#5160

  • DarthR8er
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    Grow your squads in the Council of Dark Elders:

    Guild GP - 153 mil. DS Geo - 13-15 Stars w/ 7-9 Wat shards and improving. LS Hoth - 33 Stars. Simulated HPit & HTank. HSith

    - We're not completely casual, but we are
    not a hardcore guild either.
    - We like to help build our guild
    - We welcome players who are developing

    What we're looking for:
    - Active, everyday players
    - GP: Preferably 3 Million (Lower GP will
    still be considered based on Roster)
    - Tickets: 400+ daily
    - TB: Participation is mandatory. Engage in
    platoons/CM/mass deployment when
    your support is needed
    - TW: Participation is mandatory. Must
    participate fully. Must follow plans laid
    out for defense deployment/attacking.
    - We are okay with one or two misses in
    guild contributions here and there.
    - Lack of participation for 7 days without
    notification = removal
    - Must have profile
    - Discord highly recommend
    - Follow orders from officers! Continued
    disregard has repercussions.
    - Do at least the minimum asked and
    have a blast.

    HPit: 24 Join period
    Raid Simmed (guaranteed 10 Han shards and gear for everyone)

    HTank: 24 Hour Join Period
    Raid simmed (guaranteed 6 Kenobi shards for everyone)

    HSith : 24 Hour Join Period - FFA

    Let's grow into a force to be reckoned with!!

    Two more players needed!

    Legends of Light
    255M GP
    Relaxed GeoTB guild is at 48/50 (semi-active, no tix minimum)
    Raids at 7pm Pacific, 8m, 9c, 10pm Eastern.
    TW 121+ wins, kyros.
    We have 21 GLs, 13 JKL. No forced farms.

    We are recruiting players for GeoTB to improve on our 26*/12* record. 27+ Wat shards.

    Semi-active, no hard tix requirement. Must contribute to TW, TB, CPit success (have R5 teams or Wat-shard capable Geos).

    Message us on our Discord recruitment server with your profile or Ally Code.

    Or get in touch in game: 494863299

  • Mccloud
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    Moraban Knights

    Looking for active players.
    More than a week inactive we will boot

    Will accept any lvl players
    Have players at 5mil and some at 300k

    Easy going and helpful group just looking to have fun without a bunch of rules.

    Currently heroic hatt and pit. Lvl 5-6 sith

    Please contact Mccloud
    Ally code 184-133-357
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  • The Twin Sunz is a 30 million casual guild, we have 9-12 spots open up that we are looking to fill.

    The raid reset times are 19:00 UK timezone, with a two hour joining period. The raid difficulties are set as;

    Level 6 SITH

    Our goals are to improve in the SITH raids and focusing on TW's/TB's

    If you are interested please message our guild leader in game 743-186-733 or inbox on here
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