Casual Guilds Looking For Players - February 2021 ***READ RULES IN FIRST POST***


  • Elliot
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    Relaxed Guild - Looking to complete our team - 148m GP - 4 spots available!

    4 spots left

    1mil GP Minimum

    We are a laid back guild that understands that everyone has a life outside of SWGOH, all we ask is for an active player base (within reason) and a drive to progress as an individual and as a guild.

    We regularly farm all Heroic Raids.

    Raids start at 7/8pm GMT

    Ally Code 416-786-691

    Apply directly or message me on here. Thanks for taking the time to check us out
  • Are you looking to start an alt and have a real challenge? Join “NewBacca Bois"!
    Guild was just started April 23rd, there are only 2 of us, there will be no free Han shards, you will have to work your way up there. Are you up for the challenge? Create an alt and join today!
    Contact Odinbacca, ally code: 546-391-677.
  • eShyVcA.jpg?1

    **Do you want to be in a great guild, but you don’t want SWGOH to feel like you have a second job? Want 30* rewards in Geo DS and 17* Geo LS? We’re a competitive guild, with active leadership, and we’re flexible with our requirements, since real life comes first.

    We’re looking for someone who is at least 3 million GP, is a daily player, has a high concentration of g12s with at least 6 g13s and is committed to improving their roster. **

    Adult Gaming is recruiting. We're a Heroic Sith guild that is team-focused, with active leadership. We’re competitively, but we understand real life comes first and that the game should not feel like a second job. We’re looking for active players that participate in all events and are committed to improving their rosters.

    -We run only Heroic Raids.
    -All Raids are 24hrs no damage. Haat launches at 8pm Eastern and is FFA, Sith launches at 9pm Eastern and is also FFA. Rancor raid launches at 7pm Eastern and is on sim.
    -TW: We have a pretty good win streak going. People who prefer not to attack are asked to deploy their roster on defence, those who like attacking keep their rosters for defence.
    -We have a Line chat we encourage people to join, but it's not mandatory.
    -We ask that players do a minimum of 450 daily raid tickets, but we don't boot people out because real life gets in the way and they might have low tickets sometimes.
    -Our Galactic Power is at 278 million.

    -We're competitive, but we understand that real life comes first. You won't get booted if you're away on vacation, just let us know.
    -We're team-focused, with veterans who are happy to give advice and stable leadership.


    -Must be level 85 and minimum 3 million total roster galactic power and a high concentration of g12 toons and 6 g13s.

    If you're interested please send me an ally request in the game and DM me. My Ally Code is 383-247-961 (PadmeSkywalker).

  • DH40
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    M3m3 Dream Team
    Casual guild looking for new members after some players retired from the game.
    Currently 45/50 members with a Guild GP of 190 mil
    Looking for active players that are willing to participate and improve.
    Pit and Tank on auto with 24 hour join period.
    Sith raid 24 hr join then free-for-all.
    We have a helpful team and several members with Galactic Legends
    We need some players with 3.5million plus GP to replace lost members.
    **No discord or other out of game requirements**
  • RSO Rebel Spec Ops is looking for casual players. New players veterans looking for a break from strict guilds with the keep up or fall off mentality?
    We understand real life comes first and would rather have a group of friends to grow with than a constant revolving door of of high lvl players.
    Guild is reborn today and slots are open as the rest of us log online and transition into the new guild
    Open to join. If you’re a good fit... you’ll stay around. We are all about helping each other.
    No drama no fuss just come and grow with us.
    Leader ally code is 166-924-113
  • Thrawn
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    ThePhantomLTDL is 265M GP and is looking for 2 new members.


    5M+ GP
    TB-focused roster
    550+ raid tickets/day (most get 600)
    Active discord
    SWGOH.GG profile

    Guild reset time is 7:30pm Central.

    30 :star: in DS Geo TB | 32 Wat shards
    17 :star: in LS Geo TB | 6 KAM shards

    Rotating raid times to accommodate USA and European time zones.
    Sith raid is FFA
    Cpit squads is a big focus.

    If we sound like a good fit and you would like to learn more about us, come chat with us on Discord:
    "In the darkest night, any light is welcome." – I, Jedi
  • TrenoPhoenix is now hiring.
    Casual competitive guild seeking semi ambitious players with solid rosters of around 4 million gp.

    We run both genesis tb and get plenty of wat shards.

    For more information contact me in game.

    We do have an active discord, but it is not required.

    Do not contact me if you're feelings are hurt easily. We talk plenty of crap and keep the game fun. No need to be an active chatter, just an active player that will follow directions.
  • TrenoPhoenix is now hiring.
    Casual competitive guild seeking semi ambitious players with solid rosters of around 4 million gp.

    We run both genesis tb and get plenty of wat shards.

    For more information contact me in game.

    We do have an active discord, but it is not required.

    Do not contact me if you're feelings are hurt easily. We talk plenty of crap and keep the game fun. No need to be an active chatter, just an active player that will follow directions.
  • mikebtp
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    Pestilence 202mil gp

    We are lookin for a couple of players to help us grow currently. We are a fun loving bunch who came together 2 years ago as the result of a merger. We are runnin all heroic raids and geonosis tb's. Checkout our stats in game and feel free to contact me here, in game or on discord.


  • mime60
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    Our guild is looking for new players.
    We are a friendly, fun, relaxed guild (no crazy rules), all activities, just try to participate in guild events.
    Our strategy, guild members, and experience allow us to succeed and grow!
    217m+ GP
    Raid Time - 8pm CET
    Raids: heroic with 24 h join period, Rancor and HAAT simmed
    Territory Battles: Geo

    GP 3,5m+ or a good rooster
    be active in guild events profil and Discord

    Questions? You want to join? Send me a message.
    Discord: mm#1249

  • Moravaci - a casual guild with no rules at all

    We are looking for new members, who want to have fun. Currently at 25/50. Anyone is welcomed, We are mostly from CZ but comunication in ENG is no problem.

    GP 17M only:)
    Minimal player lvl is set to 60 now.

    Just join us, or contact me - ally code 542-733-652
  • gruidz
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    Bonjour , pour notre Guilde : Tha Force (205 millions PG) ;
    nous recherchons de nouveaux joueurs ; débutants acceptés !! mais être ACTIFS !

    Évidement, des joueurs avec expériences seront encore plus appréciés :)

    -tout raids hero avec 24h d'enregistrement puis FFA
    -26 etoiles en bt géo, 11 étoiles pour la bt lumineuse

    Le chef et les offs font le taff pour que tout le monde s'ameliore vite,tout en oubliant pas que ca ne reste qu'un jeu,les absences sont bien evidement autoriser,on previent dans le chat dedier et voilou :)
    N'hesitez pas à me contacter sur le jeu si quelques joueurs sont interessés ;) Mon code allié est 585-522-698

    A bientot chez tha force !
  • Hello everyone.
    In Escuadron 1 we are looking for active players that can help us expand the guild. The only requirement is to stay active and help the guild with as many tickets you can get.

    Raids: Heroic Pit, 5* sith triunvirate and normal Tank, all with 24 hours join period

    We're from Argentina so Spanish is the main language but I can help with translations.

    Join us or contact me, my ally code is 746-246-992

    Hola a todos!
    En Escuadron 1 estamos buscando jugadores activos que nos ayuden a expandirnos. El único requerimiento es que se mantengan activos y contribuyan con todos los tickets que puedan conseguir.

    Asaltos: Foso heroico, Triunvirato 5* y Tanque normal, todos con un periodo de 24hs para unirse

    Únanse o contactenme, mi código de aliado es 746-246-992
  • Hello there.

    Guild info:

    Our guild is both PASSIONATE about the game and HUNGRY for results.

    All our members are family to us - you improvement means our improvement!

    REQUIRED at least 2 million GP.

    We require daily participation, full TB and TW involvement, and complete raid contribution.

    Raids are Heroic, and we churn out tickets very very fast - only join if willing to be active DAILY and contribute.

    We are here to WIN, and WIN efficiently.

    Discord Contact :

  • Hallo wie geht's denn so?

    Wenn ihr einer aktiven deutsprachigen Gilde mit netten und hilfsbereiten Mitgliedern beitreten wollt zögert nicht länger, tretet der German Rebel Force noch heute bei!

    Was wir anzubieten haben:

    - 100 Mio+ GM
    - Geo DS: 7 :star:
    - Hoth LS: 33 :star:
    - Hoth DS: 33 :star:
    - Alle Raids auf Heroisch, Rancor Simulation
    - Hilfreiche Beratung zu allen Themen rund um SWGOH
    - Fortgeschrittener Discord Server mit hilfreichen Bots, Teilnahme freiwillig
    - Neue Spieler werden beim Tank Raid gefördert um schneller an GK Splitter zu kommen!
    - Optionale zweite Gilde für Elite Spieler ist im Aufbau

    Wir suchen:

    - Aktive Mitglieder, mit mindestens Level 85 und 1 Mio+ GM
    - Aktive Teilnahme an TK und TS
    - Teilnahme am Chat ist nicht zwingend notwendig, aber gern gesehen
    - Raid Han Solo oder GK auf 7 Sterne ist von Vorteil aber nicht zwingend notwendig.

    Bei Fragen oder Interesse könnt Ihr mich am besten über Discord: PlaYa_OnE#6332 oder meinen Freundescode: 294-649-215 erreichen.

    Möge die Macht mit euch sein!
  • Trenobob
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    TrenoPhoenix is now hiring.
    Casual competitive guild seeking semi ambitious players with solid rosters of around 4 million gp.

    We run both genesis tb and get plenty of wat shards.

    For more information contact me in game.

    We do have an active discord, but it is not required.

    Do not contact me if you're feelings are hurt easily. We talk plenty of crap and keep the game fun. No need to be an active chatter, just an active player that will follow directions.
  • DeanoDog
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    Mostly UK on GMT 39/50 c.134m gp...not for the serious. Read on if you’re after something more chilled...

    The KB Fanclub is a guild run by long-term players who left their old (original) guild due to excessive demands. We don’t do that at The KB...we know this is a game for enjoyment. Yet individually and as a guild, we still wish to progress albeit at our own pace.

    The guild currently stands at 140m gp.
    35/50 members (from 2m to 6m+). Cleared out some freeloaders/dead wood of late hence the spaces available (pls participate in guild events!!).
    All raids heroic.
    Good TW record. Alternate TB with Geos so decent seps/geos is a bonus.

    As I say above...this is a guild for you to play/farm as you like. I only ask we co-ordinate on guild events for the benefit of all members, meaning if you join please participate. Be fair and learn from each other. We use in-game chat only.

    If you like the sound of what we offer please drop me a message. Thanks for reading.

    Deanodog 617-417-374
  • Keydash1
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    Spots taken.
    Post edited by Keydash1 on

    Guild GP: 235 million GP
    Members: 47/50

    - PIT & HAAT: on sim, 24 hour join period
    - Sith: 24 hour join period
    - cRancor: able to clear first tier, working towards beating it

    Geo TBs:
    - DS TB: 24*
    - LS TB: 10*
    - Wat Shards: 18
    - KAM Shards: 1-2ish

    We are a casual, yet active guild, that are filled with mostly F2P star wars fans who play for fun but want to keep progressing. Our guild is very supportive and willing to help each other get better. While we are active, we do understand that people have actual lives and that sometimes it takes precedence. No need to be worried about being kicked out for taking vacations or having a busy life. We are trying to fill a few openings after 2 long term members left us. If you're looking for a non-stressful, but still successful guild, then we're the one for you.

    What we are looking for:

    - 3 active players with 4+ million GP (we are willing to take on lower GP players)
    - discord required
    - no hard ticket requirements, but try to get your 600 done
    - active participation in Territory Battles
    - If TB's are joined, deploy on offense/defense
    - Players who can or are working towards being able to earn WAT and KAM shards, contributing in cRancor, or are pursuing GL's

    If you're interested or have any questions, message me:

    Ally Code: 693-713-631
    Discord: adrienbrody#3652
  • u0grsjgzglzx.jpg

    Join the fun! 1 spot available!

    We are a chilled out Guild with mostly FTP players from Europe. We enjoy playing the game, helping each other and talk about Star Wars on discord.
    We don’t wanna sell you death sticks.
    We won’t tell you what toons to farm and...
    We won’t kick you if real life keeps you from playing for a while.

    You might wanna know:

    Raid times:
    • Rancor and HAAT: 7PM UTC
    • HSith: 6PM UTC

    Territory Battles:
    • ~22* DS Geo TB with 18-20 WT shards
    • ~ 10* LS Geo TB (no KAM yet, but close)

    • We are doing well at TWs (estimated 85%+ wins)
    • And are around 215M GP

    We are looking for:

    Relaxed players, who...
    • have about 3,5M GP (more or less might still be okay)
    • Contribute well to raid tickets
    • Contribute to TBs (ideally helping with Wat shards)
    • Contribute to TWs if they sign up.

    Interested? Get in touch!
    Message me in game (625 454 563) or on discord (Óscar Freire#4394)
  • Our guild is looking to make the final push for LS TB. We are 91 M with 4+ GLs (2 more incoming after TW). Anyone above 2 million GP willing to join? Our guild is extremely passionate about this game and we run things very organized. Everyone in the roster is active and contributed their daily 600. Over 1 day inactive are kicked. We take this game pretty seriously and only go for max rewards. Here is the discord link, for those who meet the criteria:
  • LandoMack
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    We’re an active guild looking for players to help out and grow stronger with us. Search for "Feddy" and join.
    We had some spots open up and welcome skilled players!
    Guild name: Feddy
    Guild GP: 132 million
    Spots open: 4
    Entry level: 85
    Raids: All heroic raids
    Territory Battles: Geo/Hoth rotating.
    Full of great players and allies. We play for fun and are pretty relaxed but need people to stay active.
    Guild leader: LandoMack profile:
    Ally code: 183-341-152 guild profile:
    On Discord
  • Hello there

    The guild "UDontKnowSITH" ( is looking for some members.
    • All heroic raids with 24 hours join period
    • Rancor simmed
    • Reset time is GMT -5 18:30
    • The inactivity tolerance is 7 days, sometimes more
    • 30*+ LS-Hoth and around 7-8* DS-Geo
    • We usually win the TW (if you have some Galactic Leyend you can help us)

    • We want to get more stars so 1 M+ would be a great help but we are flexible
    • Participate in TB

    if you have a question or are interested send me a message.
    Ally code: 919-299-981
  • SamWise
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    Hi all,

    We have a very friendly and positive group, we support each other, are pretty easy going and run heroic raids (including Heroic Sith if you want Traya shards).

    We recently joined an alliance and are looking to recruit casual players who have GP of 750K+ and are looking to develop and grow their squads.

    Our guild leader has been running this guild from day 1 and we've developed several strong players. With our new alliance we are looking to be a development and growth focused guild for newer but active players. This allows you to develop your skills, we'll have members of the alliance drop in and help us with Raids and then when you are ready you can graduate and feed the stronger guilds in the alliance.

    We are US (EST and PT) based, and use the in app chat function, plus a discord channel.

    Let us know if you have questions -we would love to have you join us and grow together.

    Please reach out and let's chat.
    Guild Leader: GMan (Ally code - 312-351-385)
    Discord: Gman#3841
    Guild Name: Blasters and Beer
  • Antares2
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    Relaxed rules but active guild. Smart and friendly players. No ticket requirement but most people play multiple times a day. (~25,000 tickets/day). We don't add pressure or rules or anything. Looking to replace 2 retirements.

    About Rebel Treaders:
    - 256M GP guild with 49/50 slots filled
    - Geo TBs: Dark Side 29* (24 Wats) // Light Side 13-14* (a KAM here and there but working on it...).
    - 70% TW wins
    - HAAT and Rancor and HSTR are on farm with a 24 hour join period beginning at 6pm CST.
    - Challenge Rancor in progress. Tried new one made into P3. We'd love people working toward this with us.
    - Responsive and engaged leadership
    Our guild is looking for two fresh recruits! We’re a casual guild but focuses on helping each other grow and unlock new content. Active leadership, but we get that real life comes first. We're looking to find active players who engage with their guild-mates, participate in all guild activities, and work towards improving their roster to help the guild as a whole. Play however you want! We promise to add no stress to the game, just fun!

    Our Requirements:
    - 4.5M GP (or focused roster)
    - Full participation in guild activities
    - Communication if you'll be away from the game or miss events
    Contact me here or in game: ally code: 562-239-236.
    We may look full right now, but we'll move out some alts to make room we can even move one out before TW ends. Just send me a message.
  • Trenobob
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    TrenoPhoenix is now hiring.
    Casual competitive guild seeking semi ambitious players with solid rosters of around 4 million gp.

    We run both genesis tb and get plenty of wat shards.

    For more information contact me in game.

    We do have an active discord, but it is not required.

    Do not contact me if you're feelings are hurt easily. We talk plenty of crap and keep the game fun. No need to be an active chatter, just an active player that will follow directions.
  • Guild Name: WeShot1st

    We are a fully heroic 150 million GP with 6 slots open at the moment and can make room for more players by removing some inactive players in our guild.

    We are very friendly people and don’t ask for much we just want you to participate as much as you can. If something comes up and need a break from the game we understand just let us know. If you don’t let us know and go MIA we normally boot after about 10 days of being inactive.

    We do very well with territory wars and defeat many guilds that are stronger than ours. We know how to strategize to give us the advantage over other guilds!

    Our requirements are 1. be fairly active and have fun 2. Have a GP of around 2 million (this is not a strict requirement, feel free to message me and you will be considered) 3. Be a team player.

    We have a guild discord channel but it is not a mandatory requirement to have discord!

    We run DS Geo TB (11 stars and 5 Wat shards) and we are coming close to trying LS Geo TB but need a few more players to help and LS Hoth TB (about 30 stars)

    I guarantee that you will enjoy your time with us in the guild.

    My ally code is 979-684-983

    My discord is Richie#7047.... Feel free to contact me either here, in-game or on discord.
  • LongLiveJediMickey is the guild you are looking for. we are looking for active players that just awant to have fun playing a game. we do heroic pit and tank raids.
  • Spicerunners of Kessel

    They haven't updated this post for months, so here's a new reminder that we're here.

    We don't have some fancy graphic (we have lives too, you know).

    Looking for 2-3 players.

    We are currently at 211 million GP and looking to increase our roster with active players. No mandatory minimum, but it is greatly appreciated to get at least 400-600 tickets every day and participate in TWs and TBs. If you gotta do life, let us know. Had to trim members recently due to long periods of inactivity with no heads up or messages.

    We are on EST USA time zone, but have members all over, and even across the pond. Our guild cut over is 1600 EST.

    Doing all heroic raids on farm. (HPIT on sim.) Playing with CPit, but not enough to advance it yet.

    DS Geo TB 19+ stars and breaking into getting Wat shards.
    * Sometimes alternate with DS Hoth for tokens and IPD shards; 40+ stars there and wanted to max it out with better participation!

    LS Hoth TH 40+ starx and wanting to max those out.

    Need participation for TW wins.

    Useful, but not mandatory.

  • ocuelus
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    Hello everyone,

    Mercs' Order is looking for 2 or 3 players to join our guild.

    We are a laid back guild but are quite active. We want to continue progressing in all personal and guild events, and would like to bring in people that love to play this game.

    Our guild GP is 180 million and we run all heroic raids. We usually win territory war and want to continue gaining ground on Geo TB's.

    We do not require the use of discord but we do ask that you have at least 2million GP.

    If this sounds like the place for you and you want to have some fun with a few other folks let me know. We do everything we can to help each other out and there is no drama.

    thanks for taking the time to read this post and we wish you much success in life and in the game.

    Ally code is 284-291-385
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