Newer Player Guilds Looking For Players - February 2021 ***READ RULES IN FIRST POST*



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    Hello everyone,

    The End Order of the Galaxy is looking for a four members. We are at 51 million gp doing all Heroic Raids. Raids are auto launch at 8:00 pm utc, we get about 25,000 tickets a day. Have 3 GL in guild (I will have GLKR soon). All we ask is be active, if your going to be gone longer then 3 days, let us know and you won't be removed. Try to get 600 tickets but it isn't mandatory. If you have any questions, feel free to reach me in game, my ally code is 315-592-536.

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  • 《Mandos Misfits》is a newish guild looking for new members to join! Level 65 preferably, cus we run Territory Wars! But new players are always welcomed!

    *We're a guild of 43/50
    *Run Heroic Tank and Rancor, Tier4 Sith
    *Territory War, We do very well 95%win rate
    *LS/DS Hoth Territory Battles
    *450 min daily tickets
    *Discord(Lots of valuable information about game play, gear,mods on our channel)

    I'm a Vet player that started this guild with my husband who is also a Vet player as well. We started this guild with our alt accts that are decently higher in GP. I'm also the leader of our bigger guild, so helping folks out to build their rosters up is what we love to do.

    Our members r from all parts of the world, but I'm US based, n we all love new faces n everyone helps out their guild! We also share our Discord with my bigger guild, so plenty of other help from my Vet players!

    If interested, hmu in game @👇🏽

    Ally Code: 785-452-767

    Or Discord @👇🏽

    Discord handle: QueenMamaA#7246

    Thanks guys! 🤙🏽😉

    *Still recruiting *
  • RSO Rebel Spec Ops is looking for casual players. New players veterans looking for a break from strict guilds with the keep up or fall off mentality?
    We understand real life comes first and would rather have a group of friends to grow with than a constant revolving door of of high lvl players.
    Guild is reborn today and slots are open as the rest of us log online and transition into the new guild
    Open to join. If you’re a good fit... you’ll stay around. We are all about helping each other.
    No drama no fuss just come and grow with us.
    Leader ally code is 166-924-113
  • Thank you for your reply, but I am trying to start a guild myself.
  • hbhp42jhvpw4.jpeg

    Ventress Cгімsои Dаши

    Ventress Cгімsои Dаши (VCD) is a new, friendly guild looking for new players committed to getting most out of the game as possible.

    Looking for players at lvl 85 and at least 500kGP
    600 daily tickets
    Discord Required
    TB participation is a requirement, TW is highly recommended.
    Currently running heroic pit, HAAT, and HSTR.
    DS Hoth Tb - 16-18*
    LS Hoth Tb - 16-18*

    We can offer help with character development, smart resource management, and mod optimization.
    All I ask is that you stay active.

    Our goal at VCD is to help new players learn about the game, and to provide an environment to grow lower-gp accounts. We have an active Discord community, filled with people willing to help and to have fun and make friends.

    Come join a resource-rich, supportive and fun guild while space lasts!

    Please feel free to DM me or join our discord server with any questions. We are looking forward to seeing you soon!

    Join the Cгімsои Dаши and together we will plunder the riches of this galaxy ......
    and we have cookies. 😜

    Thanks, Evo
  • Hey everyone, I am one of the officers for the guild EmpireTraining. We are new and looking for players lvl 65+ who play regularly and collect at least 400 raid tickets per day. The leader and officers are friendly and helpful, offering advice to people who need it.
    If interested contact me through my ally code: 428-873-775. We only have 4 members so far, and a combined gp of over 7 million.
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    Battleforce, a UK based guild.

    A few old friends, fairly veteran players, (4-5.5 mil GP) have come back to their first guild. looking to reinvigorate it.

    We can run the 3 Raids by ourselves but not CRancor.

    We're looking for:

    1) Active players (any level/GP), get them 600 tickets, or very close to it

    2) Those who can follow basic instructions (for TW and TB's)

    3) Are active on discord and can have a laugh

    join our discord

    or message me direct
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    Our brandnew guild "republican rookies" is perfect for new or casual players, because neither your gm nor your level matters to us.
    We just created our guild, so you have the chance to become part of it and build it up together with us. Our 2 strongest members have around 3 million gm (isn't that much I know but we're working on it) so they can solo the first couple of rancor raids.
    We try to listen to every member so everyone has fun and progresses. (for example we give new players a chance to explore the raids before our strong members end them)
    At the moment we are few, but with a little patience and new players I think our guild will be able to finish top tier raids more frequently and more importantly give home to players who don't want to get kicked for not joining a discord or taking a day off and just wanna have fun without constant pressure
    You can also add our guildleader, in case you have questions, with this code:
    38/50 members
    GP 7,85m

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  • Join Younglings In The Temple Mid Level Guild Looking To Grow AEST

    Members 8/50
    GP 1.7M

    We are brothers based in Australia aiming to build a thriving independent guild. This is our first time running a guild and we are aiming to be a casual yet committed player base (life comes first) for players 40+ Finding that there were high level guilds and low level guilds but couldn’t come across anything middle of the range. We are currently very active and aiming to grow as quickly as possible. Please feel free to pm me in regards to applications or apply directly

    Ally Code- 211-844-511
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    Bonjour à tous !

    Darth Magnus pour vous servir. Je suis un joueur de niveau un peu plus avancé qui ouvre une [Guilde FR] centrée sur les débutants.

    Je cherche des joueurs débutants, respectueux et plus ou moins actifs, prêts à faire un peu de RP et friands de grimper dans les rangs tout en gardant un style détendu. Si ça vous parle, la guilde Imperio Stratos a été faite pour vous !

    Puisse la force est avec vous à chaque instant !

    D. Magnus
  • Sciphr
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    Hey everyone,

    I'm a 3.3mil GP player who wanted to help out a bunch of my IRL friends who are early/mid level players. So I created a guild. If you wanna join a guild to help you out, while also being a properly organized guild, hit me up! Discord will be mandatory.

    Ally code: 894-267-828

    Guild Name: Alderaans Survivors

  • MorgothTheFeared
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    Hello everyone
    Brand new guild: Morgal Rats.
    Have some active people but need more to get raid tickets and start raids. We could be doing heroic pit and heroic aat and probably heroic sith raid too.

    Have a guild member with almost 6 mil GP with a galactic legend.

    Need bodies for raid tickets though.

    Ally code: 125-797-185

    Guild name: Morgal Rats
  • Shadows of Rage is looking for members. Our goal is to play as many Raids and Territory Wars/Battles as possible. were just looking for people that will participate. Were not picky about our GP or what player level you are as long as your trying to play and have fun.
    ally code is 329-248-322
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