Players Looking For Guilds - February 2021 *** READ RULES IN FIRST POST BEFORE POSTING ***



  • Alcamenes
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    Hello everyone,
    Looking for an active guild ( 600 tickets guaranteed).

    GP: 1.17 mil

    Level: 85

    Type of play: F2P, playing daily since November 2020

    Ally code: 713-146-718

    Time zone: EEST ( Eastern European Summer Time ).

    Guild found, thank you guys :)
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  • Lhorath
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    Info 954-152-163 -
    4m GP
    Squads 100-150, Fleet: 30-50
    Only spend around 100.00 Ish a month at the moment as im returning to being fully active after a long break.
  • Boggles1463
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    Returning player after about 9-12months away from the game. I’m looking for an active guild that concentrates on TB. Would prefer a guild that uses discord as I think I need a bit of help with focus.

    Ally code: 416-137-856
    Link to
    Mainly F2P although I may occasionally spend a little.
    Time zone: GMT

    Guild found, thanks
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  • Admiral_Wookie94
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    Guild found thank you
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  • Zade
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    Looking for a guild based in the UK. Currently in a 300m+ guild which I’ve been in forever and it’a great guild but really looking for timings that line up with UK. Active on discord. Interest has flagged a little lately so keen to be somewhere active and fun (not too serious). Have 2 GLs (SLKR and JML, plus Beskar Mando squad and pretty far along on the JMK path and well placed for him.

    SWGOH account profile link below and message me on Discord if you'd like to know more. Might not respond immediately (depending on kids)..

    Galactic Power: 6.06m
    Character/Ship GP: 3.65M / 2.41M
    Average Arena Rank: 1
    Player Level: 85
    7* Characters: 185
    Type of Play: F2P/P2P
    Timezone: GMT
    Ally Code: 413-816-665
    Discord: Zade#4589
  • Baibars
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    Hi everyone,

    UK based p2w player looking for active and competitive guild!

    GP 2.2m

    Ally Code 877-668-123 account

    Discord BAIBARS#1365

    Guild found, thank you!
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  • Options
    Hi there, i`m looking for guild farming cpit
    Active player with both top 1 arenas
    Also the eu frendly timezone
  • NeeTiX
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    Hello guys ! I’m actually searching for a 200-250m guild, I know for my account it’s a lot but I want to aim for a big one to evolve faster than I do in a lower guild, I can do 600 tickets a day, don’t worry, and I’m veryyyy active ! Hope you like my enjoy for the game and my investment for a guild ! Always 1st in both arena and I can adapt to any timezone !

    GP: 1.9M
    Ally code: 347-233-265
    Discord: Kenta NeeTiX#1360

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