Players Looking For Guilds - February 2021 *** READ RULES IN FIRST POST BEFORE POSTING ***


  • NutGunslay
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    - Going for GL Luke and is in desperate need for Hoth-Leia shards and GET1
    - always 600 tickets.
    - HeroicSithRaid is a must, Heroic Rancor would make me happy! Profile:

    TimeZone: GMT+1 (SWEDEN)

    ArenaRank: 20-50
    Ships: 6-19
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  • Thorindal
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    Long time inactive player wanting to come back and really get into it again. Active everyday and looking for a guild that has a lot of active players.

    Happy to use discord if thats required.

    Ally Code 791-263-429

    Found a home everyone thanks!
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    Ally code - 451 923 487

    GP= 985,894




    Pacific time zone.

    I am looking to star ds geo tb. I want to grow at an excellerated rate and I will participate all I can.
  • Maurik99
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    Hey folks, i’m a very active f2p player (focused rooster 2.0 mil GP) looking for a new guild.
    Arena character: 200-400
    Arena ships: 1-5
    Ally code: 479-579-546
    Raid tickets: 600
    GAC: mostly kyber
    Active in tw and tb of course
    Looking for the GET tokens and a new family!

    Found my guild, thanks!
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    Hi new player seeking an active guild ally code ally code: 513-156-779 hope to find one soon
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    Looking for a new guild after a merger.
    GP: 5.1M
    R7 SLKu
    7* Piett away from SEE
    Top 50 SA
    Top 20 FA
    Looking for an active guild that can complete Rancor for R8 pieces.
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    Ally Code- 113-551-399

    No SWGOH.GG/Gear12/Relic

    Galactic Power- 174,271

    Character/Ship GP- 118,263/56,008

    Player Level- 72

    7*- 4

    6*- 2

    5*- 5

    Average Arena Rank- 2,425

    Type of Play- F2P, considering small P2P here and there

    Time Zone- EST

    Committed daily player looking for an active guild I can fit in with.

    First Order Squad, Gear7+, almost all 7*
    (Phasma and FO Storm Trooper 6*, 7* soon)
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    Ally Code- 445-822-551

    Galactic Power- 316,000

    Player Level- 75

    7*- 6

    Average Arena Rank- 1,100


    Time Zone- EST

    Committed daily player looking for an active guild I can join
  • Grimmonix
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    I'm new to the game and I'm looking for a guild that can bring the game closer to me. I want to play guild-events and raids. I prefer a german guild, but an english one would be nice too.

    Code: 764-393-114

    Found a Guild
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  • ACarroll6485
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    Found guild! Good luck all!
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  • Hestis
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    Found a guild.

    New to the game, been playing for a couple of weeks. Currently working on Phoenix Squad to get Thrawn. I'm basically f2p, but will usually drop a few bucks a couple of times a year if I enjoy a game. Daily player, and try to be as active as I can, but might have a day or two a week where I'll log in, but only do a couple things due to time.
    Looking for a casual, yet active guild that can help me learn the game and make levelling/farming a little more tolerable. Also want to get into raids and other high end content eventually. Hoping to eventually have multiple squads. While I'm probably not going to be a huge help right now, I'll do my best to help out the guild/individuals, but don't want a second job.

    Ally-Code: 277-632-521
    Link to
    Galactic Power: 48,949
    Type of Play: F2P, but not adverse to spending a little here and there
    Time-zone: US Central time
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  • whaleman724
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  • AaronBez
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    Found a guild now. Thanks.

    Looking for an active guild:
    Ally code: 912-695-985
    Link to
    GP: 1.9m
    Number of 7*: 57
    Timezone: GMT
    Type of Play: F2P
    Language: English
    Level 85, 14 zetas
    I am a daily (at least once a day) player, getting the 600 done every day, participating in TW/TB.
    Happy to use discord
    Type of guild I'm looking for: I'm looking for an active guild or feeder guild to help me grow. I've had a break from the game but am now looking to get back in and grow.
    Feel free to message me in-game

    Found a guild now. Thanks.
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  • Will_Dearborn1
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    Looking for a guild
    Uk player returning as lost previous account
    Ally code 148-524-391
    GP 908484
    Already purchased hyperdrive pack
    Arena rank 431
    Fleet rank 69
  • eralez
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    Guild found. Thank you !
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  • Nec_Azares
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    Hello fellow Guildmasters,

    I am actively looking for a new guild, to keep progressing in the game.
    To be honest, I am searching for a guild, that has all the needed Raid-Content on farm and does the Geonosian TB.
    I know, looking at my Player Profile, Level 72 and my GP may not do a lot of contribution, but I am active a lot of the day and can at least contribute with the 600 Raid tickets.
    I am constantly improving by getting help here in the forums from mentors, watching and reading a lot of content regarding the game and I hope, there is a guild out there, which supports this and will also be there to improve their members.
    I am looking for a good community - my main language is german, but I don't have any problems with an english speaking guild, because both languages are nearly equal in my everyday life - a community, that constantly improves together and has fun playing the game. In the end it's still a game :) I tend to be stable in my choice in communities and don't like to switch a lot :)

    So, here's my profile information:
    I am working on Geonosians and Jedi as a secondary team - preparing for Padme ad afterwards maybe JKR

    Ally-Code: 655-538-926

    Galactic Power: 234,913
    Character/Ship GP: 129k / 104k
    Player Level: 72
    Number of 7*: 6
    Number of 6*: 3
    Number of 5*: 2
    Average Arena Rank: at least staying in the Top 500 for now in SA and Top 50 in FA
    Type of Play: F2P with the option to spend a few bucks now and then, f.e. for crystals
    Time-zone: CET

    Feel free to contact me and tell me: what does your guild make exceptional, and how do you support your members in improvement?
  • Arys
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    Hello, looking for a very active guild as i am very active( 600 tickets dailies ,participating in everything). Im a new hyperdrive player so I'm barely reaching 1m, not trying to inflate so I'm only opening and working at what i need.
  • TheRavaged
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    After starting last december, I was very active with a good progression but stopped for the last five months. I am coming back and have been playing again every day for the past ten days and therefore looking to join a guild once again. I am looking for an active guild but more laid back, not an hyper-competitive one. I wish to be free to develop the characters I want, but when I am active I am very active so you can count on me for all events. I am very introverted and shy so I tend to not answer a lot during discussions but I read and will follow instructions during wars and guild events :)

    Ally-Code: 696-339-842

    Link to

    Galactic Power: 1,684,473

    Character GP: 890,489 / Ship GP : 793,984
    Player Level: 85
    Number of 7*: 48

    Average Arena Rank: 350
    Average Fleet Arena rank : 40
    Type of Play: F2P
    Time-zone: Central European Time (GMT +1)
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  • Kaelandros
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    Guild Found

    Link to
    Galactic Power: 2.9 mil
    Character/Ship GP: 1,694,132 char / 1,214,616 ships
    Average Arena Rank: 4 squad, 3 fleet
    Type of Play: Dolphin-ish
    Time-zone: Central US timezone
    Discord - JaxMooses#2973

    I'm looking for a painfully active guild. Discord required, 600 tix/day, mando participation in TB/TW, no absence without notice. In my current guild I'm outperforming rosters 2 or more times my size and I've had enough of carrying dead weight. I want to play with others that are as committed to maximizing their performance as I am.

    My current farm is SLKR, and I am very careful to avoid any unnecessary GP bloat. I am totally open to guild beneficial farming.

    TW - I average around 250 banners split evenly between off and def, but obviously that will be pretty dependent on your strat.
    TB - average 23+ mil LS Geo, 16+ mil DS Geo

    Discord is the best way to get in touch. Feel free to ask any questions I might have left unanswered.

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    Active player, bought the HD bundle and JKR
    Ally Code: 641-145-981
    Galactic Power: 843,223
    Character/Ship GP: 564,339/278,884
    Level: 85
    7*: 13
    5*: 56
    Type of Play: F2P/P2P
    Timezone: EST
  • Minho
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    Guild found
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  • camelpockets
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    Guild found!

    Pretty active returning player, played a bit back for protections/mods existed. Will get 600 Tickets/day 99% of the time. Message me on discord: Camels#4667.

    I'm primarily looking for active guilds that can at least do Hpit and HAAT, anything else is a bonus. Daily activity from guild is a near-must.

    Ally-Code: 431-114-499
    Link to

    Galactic Power: 654,630
    Character/Ship GP: 436,214 / 218,416
    Player Level: 85
    Average Arena Rank: 600 squad / 280 ship
    Type of Play: F2P
    Time-zone: EST
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  • Zasahar
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    Guild found Thank you.

    Still a newish player (and I am sure I’ve made some mistakes) and I play once/twice a day on average. I have spent but I don’t plan on being a 🐳. Working on Phoenix to finish advancing Thrawn, Empire to finish R2D2 so I can do the last stage of CLS. I haven’t done much with ships. Have discord.
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    Hi Folks,

    Looking for an active guild. I play day and am progressing pretty quickly.

    Link to
    Galactic Power:170,917
    Character/Ship GP: 42,130
    Player Level:68
    Number of 7*:1
    Number of 6*:0
    Number of 5*:7
    Average Arena Rank:1400-1800 Squad / 500-600 Fleet Arena
    Type of Play: (F2P, P2P)
    Time-zone: CST

    I have discord and would like to be part of a growing guild with active members. Nothing hardcore since I am a bit of a newb.

  • Eiledon
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    Hi People,

    Active player looking for active guild with preferred Pit and AAT on sim.
    I'm almost every day at 600 tickets, take part in every raid, tb, tw and gac.

    Ally-Code: 975-775-828
    Link to
    Galactic Power: 1.076.233
    Character/Ship GP: 672,729 / 403,504
    Player Level: 85
    Number of 7*: 41
    Number of 6*: 5 (some have full shards, just not upgraded due to credit shortage and not boosting GP)
    Number of 5*: 11 (a lot have full shards, just not upgraded due to credit shortage and not boosting GP)
    Average Arena Rank: 400
    Type of Play: F2P
    Time-zone: CET
    Discord: Eiledon#9700


    Found a guild. Thx all
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  • HammeredToast222
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    Found a guild
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    Hi i am active daily level 57/58 in 3 weeks (progressing fast) and looking for guild that sim character shards in heroic raids.

    Ally code: 761-482-396

    Arena ranking: Around 300-400 (impossible to get higher since everyone in my shard got hyperdrive bundle)

    Fleet arena soon and will aim for as high as possible (almost 5 star kylo ship already)

    600 tickets daily

    f2p player but am mad efficient

    Ship gp: 26k
    Character gp: 90k

    Got 2 teams (empire and phoenix) and going for geos next, also got many 7 stars
  • ByzantineByron
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    Hi all, UK based player. Was very active up to about two years ago, then dropped the game. Looking to get back into things.

    I've started a fresh account with the Hyper drive Bundle and a start on the characters needed for JKR & DR. Looking for a guild to help me get back up to speed. Am familiar will all but recent game mechanics. Will be active but may need to fit around childcare, as my daughter is only a month old.

    Galactic Power: 681, 527
    Player Level: 85
    Number of 7*: 0
    Number of 6*: 3
    Number of 5*: 63
    Average Arena Rank: Not started yet as account is barely a day old
    Type of Play: Would happily spend between £50-£150 a month.
    Time-zone: GMT
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