Players Looking For Guilds - February 2021 *** READ RULES IN FIRST POST BEFORE POSTING ***


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    Tks to the community, a Guild has found me.

    I'm looking for an organized guild at my level. I'm after characters from the Journey Guide first. I play everyday. Now farming for JTR. I have 4 competitive teams. Phoenix, Imps(Palpatine, Vader, Thrawn, Tarkin, Royal Guard), Rebels(Cls, Han trooper, Leia, R2-D2, Old Ben) and FO (Kru, OGKylo, Phasma, FOP, FOO). More details below:

    Ally-Code: 173-647-597

    Link to

    Galactic Power: 1.202.551

    Character/Ship GP: 642.037/560.514

    Player Level: 85

    Average Arena Rank: 950

    Type of Play: F2P
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    Thanks a lot
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    Thank you!
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    Looking to join an active guild in the US. Just started playing again amd my current guild never doea raids.
    LVL 65
    galactic power 175,667
    character 116,182 ship 59,481
    Ally code 694-782-344
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    Hey all!

    I am an old returning player that decided to start over because of the shards being doubled on the characters. I am an active player, will always get the 600 raid tickets. I am going through the (long) process of getting a galactic legends as my first -major- unlock. Looking for a guild that at least has a consistent group of players so I can get the guild currencies and all that jazz. Would be nice for a guild that I can grow in and doesn't mind someone under 85 for the time being.

    Galactic Power: 30,280
    Player Level:42
    Average Arena Rank:1500
    Type of Play: (F2P, P2P, Dolphin, Whale):Partially F2P, will start spending more as time goes on

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    Took a 2 year break from the game and I've returned recently, about a week ago. Been loving the new changes to the game so I decided to finally come back. Looking for an active clan that can do H raids and make 30* in TB. I'm recently active and will plan on staying active too since I have teams I would love to have ready

    Ally code: 419-755-321
    GP: 1.3 mil
    Timezone: CST
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    edit: found a guild
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  • Mad_Cat
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    Thinking about returning to the game after 2 years break. Looking for really casual guild. No discord, no fixed hours, not too many obligations...

    Ally-Code: 499-532-292
    Link to
    Characters 167 / Zetas 35 / 7* Characters 145
    Gear 13 0 / Gear 12 46 / Gear 11 25 /Ships 39 / 7* Ships 30
    Galactic Power:3,829,057
    Character/Ship GP: 2,355,477 / 1,473,580
    Player Level: 85
    Type of Play: F2P Casual
    Time-zone: GMT +1 (Belgium located - English or french speaking)

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    I'm looking for a guild for my new alt.

    Ally-Code: 322-464-883

    I don't have swgoh yet, I'm only level 30 but planning on playing regularly. My last alt I got regularly top 20 in squad arena and top1 in fleet arena, but that's only because I had a really good guild!

    I'm planning on farming Phoenix right away and trying to build a lean roster. I'm under 7K GP, but I can ensure my daily tickets!

    I'm based in France, but can adapt to any time zone (my main is in a mainly american guild right now).

    Don't hesitate to contact me if you need more info!
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    Home found
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    Found a guild already! Very greatful! :)
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    Hi. I am a veteran player that took a break, but recently came back in game. I play daily and participate in all guild events. 600 tickets most of time.
    Looking for an active guild (players that participate in TB/TW and make almost all 600 tickets) that can help me grow my toons, but doesn't order what characters to work on. Guild GP 200+ mil
    I have discord and follow officers' orders.
    I am recently in a nice but casual guild, where players are not very active, that's why I am searching for a new guild.

    Time zone UTC+2
    Ship arena in first 20 (can be first, depending on luck)
    Toon arena in first 100
    GP 4.7+ mil
    Play TB/TW bun not active in raids (prefer them simed)

    Ally code 743-267-966
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    no longer looking
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    I am a new player looking for a new guild who will help me grow.
    I'm stuck at rancor 6 for months now.
    Message me in game.
    Ally code 751386681
    GP 1.1m
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    Looking for a new guild. I got kicked from last guild due to having to take mother to hospital.

    Looking for a UK based guild. Mainly people who have jobs so they understand what its like jot be on your phone all day.

    Star wars account:

    UK based. Mixture of F2P/P2P
    GP: 3.2 Million

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    Found thanks :)

    • Ally-Code: 739-553-392
    • Link to
    • Galactic Power: 23k
    • Character/Ship GP: 20k/3k
    • Player Level: 38
    • Type of Play: F2P
    • Time-zone: UK

    Hi, I'm a new player looking for a guild, I'm happy to use discord to communicate
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    Found one, thanks!
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    Found a guild thank you
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    Found a guild thanks all.
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    * Ally-Code: 694-518-557
    * Best Teams: JKR, Padme
    * Galactic Power: 2.152.000
    * Character/Ship GP: 1.285.000/866.000
    * Player Level: 85
    * Number of 7*:59
    * Number of 6*:6
    * Number of 5*:40
    * Average Arena Rank:
    * Type of Play: (F2P, P2P, Dolphin, Whale)Dolphin
    * Time-zone: MEZ

    I am looking for a guild that does ds geo tb and all raids heroic. I started playing actively again a few weeks ago and want to get DR, Malak and SLKR.
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    Looking for a new guild because real life is not going to allow me to keep up with Rancor challenge raid schedule in my current awesome guild.

    I'm fairly active and almost always get 600 tokens daily. I'm in my fleet arena shard to coordinate payouts, but squad arena I'm topping out in the 300s. D1 in GAC and usually top out in Aurodium.

    No GLs... Not working on any now.
    I'm farming GAS and 501st, JKL, and mondo tags. Trying to get to imperial troopers too.

    Looking for an older player guild. I'm late 40s. Also looking for US CT focused players. I tend to play more week days than weekends. Guilds doing light and dark geo tb, and active in TWs.
    Discord ID: TS-71#1808

    This is an update from a friends post... So I'm resetting all in game and discord chat requests.

    Found one. Thanks all!
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    See above
  • Raccoon_Samurai
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    Edit: found a home, thanks! :)

    Hey folks, fairly new but active player, been here a little over a month. Looking for an active but somewhat casual guild to help guide me along, and do guild events. Thanks!
    • Ally-Code: 782-475-258
    • Galactic Power: just over 200,000
    • Character/Ship GP: 144,514/57,476
    • Player Level: 67
    • Number of 7*: 3
    • Number of 6*: 7
    • Average Arena Rank: 500
    • Type of Play: f2p mostly
    • Time-zone: US Eastern

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    Ally-Code: 311-971-435
    Link to
    Galactic Power: 1.76 Million
    Character/Ship GP:1.12 Character / 0.64 Ship
    Player Level: 85 Lvl
    Time-zone: GMT -3

    I play daily and want a pretty active guild, as I always help (except of course of an emergency) in everything (raids, TB...)
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