Players Looking For Guilds - February 2021 *** READ RULES IN FIRST POST BEFORE POSTING ***


  • Wookieeboogieman
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    Home found
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  • PorgsAreDelicious
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    Found my spot. Thanks to everyone who contacted me. I tried to reply to everyone but may have missed a couple.
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  • Im a returning player that I've started a new account. I ve brought the hyperdrive bundle to give me a boost.
    I'm looking for a uk based guild that is running mostly heroic in raids.
    I can offer 600 per day, willing to take part in all guild events and will listen to instructions in tb and tw.
    I'm currently farming for jkr then bounty hunters.
    My is
  • Lohengrin
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    (Guild Found) Hey, I'm looking for a guild doing heroic raids. I have been playing for 1 month and working on geo tb focused roster. I'm trying top ranks in fleet arena as well. I'm very active and do my 600 tickets everyday.

    Ally-Code: 495-351-967

    Link to

    Galactic Power: 154.000

    Player Level: 62

    Type of Play: F2P

    Time-zone: GMT+3
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  • Jflies
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    Found and joined a guild! i think its a good fit. thanks to all who reached out and good luck hunting for recruits
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  • Mercury_
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    Thank you for so many kind offers, I think I have a new home for the next adventure.


    Real life makes it hard to keep up in an elite guild and I’m looking to make a change to something a bit more relaxed. Would welcome the chance to help a smaller or newer guild work towards something.

    I’m active daily but work/family means I don’t always have the time to be on for all the payouts.

    6.6mil GP
    3 GLs
    Ally code 184-613-814

    Thanks 🙏🏼
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  • Generalkatz
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    Just got back in the game, active player that looking for an active good guild that will help me build up my characters and have fun.
    Ally code: 384-646-424
    Player level: 81
    500k GP
    12 characters at 7 stars

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  • Darthrocky
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    Guild found!

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  • Mombusa
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    Thanks for the interest. I've since joined a guild.
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  • faulenzer76
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    found a guild thanks
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  • RedExcalibur
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    Guild found, thanks all!
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  • 2smooth
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  • Fetch
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    Ally-Code: 116-393-537
    Link to
    Galactic Power: 6,710,802
    Character/Ship GP: 3,975,303/2,735,499
    Player Level: 85
    Number of 7*: 189
    Zetas: 134
    G13: 56
    G13 R5+: 38
    Average Arena Rank: 21 (12/32)
    Average Fleet Arena Rank: Top 150
    Type of Play: (F2P, P2P, Dolphin, Whale): Seasonal Mid-sized Tuna
    Time-zone: Pacific

    Comments: I remember when this was a game we played on the toilet. To me, it still is. Translated: I enjoy playing the game and grow weary of the increasing hyper-analysis, TW guild hysterics, and requirements to be a social butterfly in Discord. If your guild has more than 5 or 6 officers, I'm not interested. If you call people out for losing a match in TW, I'm also not interested.

    Favorite part of the game: TB, the Revan unlocks.
    Least favorite part of the game: pretty much everything they've rolled out in the past year.

    What am I working on now: SEE unlock pre-reqs (9/15).
  • Jedinight1
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    Ally-Code: 985-149-646
    Link to
    Galactic Power: 289,895
    Character/Ship GP:192,335/97,560
    Player Level:78
    Number of 7*:8
    Number of 6*:3
    Number of 5*:7
    Average Arena Rank: 3008
    Type of Play: F2P
    Time-zone: Eastern US

    I would like a guild that does all heroic raids. I am a bit low, but will contribute 600 tickets/day

    If Discord is a requirement, I won’t join. Sorry.

    Guild found
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  • Hi!

    I'm a relatively new player looking for an active, mostly casual guild, although I do enjoy raids and territory wars. I play every day, gladly donate gear when I have it, have Discord, and mostly just want to have fun and grow with a supportive guild!

    I'm level 75 and mainly use bounty hunters/scoundrels at the moment since I'm going for the Beskar Mando.

    Ally-Code: 466-598-237
    Link to
    Type of Play: Mostly F2P but occasionally a dolphin

  • JovDoe
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    Guild found, thanks everybody
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  • BigDaddyLove
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    Found Guild
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  • Hi everyone. New player here, joined after many of my friends convinced to play since I love Star Wars. I read a lot of guides already, so my plan is seps to Padme with heavy focus on ships at least early. If you want to help a friend from Sweden to learn the game and play together, send me a msg :smile:

  • Dominion3107
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    Guild found
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  • Redwonder
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    Found guild
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  • CT_Waxer_7777
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    Hey I’m looking for a guild
    I’m looking for someone clearing Crancor and a good fun group of folks About me: I have Relic 8 Vader, 7/15 for SEE, G13 Padme and shaak clones, 6 star Gas, etc GP. 4 million 5 year player P2P/F2P (midsized trout) Hit me at CT-Waxer7#3754 if you are interested! Very committed and skilled player, have earned KAM shards and possess plenty of Crancor experience
    EDIT: guild found! Thanks
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  • CloneDrone2000
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    Hey! I’m a veteran player who started a new account and whaled out. Hyperdrive bundle, day 1 clone/shaak to squad. Top 25 in arena and 1 in fleet arena. I’ll be a high growth investment for any guild. Looking for a fully heroic guild that’s doing geo TB and willing to invest in a returning whale. Last account I had JKR within a month. High return on investment for the guild!

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  • Starwarsdude
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    Hey guys. I’m fairly new. Maybe around mid game now. I’m lvl 67. I currently use Phoenix who are all 7* and gear 7 almost 8.(should get thawn/palp *7 from this) Working on my empire team which should be up and running in a week. The guild I’m in only has 15 active players so I’m just wanting more constant raids and so on. Daily player who can get tickets. Would be amazing if I could get a guild who does the heroic raids for the character shards.

    Ally-Code: 932-475-853
    Galactic Power: just over 172,000
    Character/Ship GP:116,000/56,000
    Player Level: 67
    Number of 7*: 6
    Number of 6*: 7
    Average Arena Rank:1237
    Type of Play: f2p
    Time-zone: New Zealand standard time

    Also looking for ally’s so add me!


    Found a guild. !
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  • Sandeman
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  • Stopped playing for a while and am trying to get back into it. Would like to join a guild that is active but easy going, and have all heroic raids. Preferably a US guild but really doesn't matter.

    Ally Code: 513-154-341
    Gear 12- Rex
    GP: 789,697
    Level- 85
    Arena Rank- 1700
    Central US
  • Binxy
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  • @Binxy Wrong thread. You want one of the "guilds looking for players" thread.
  • Obi_Juan_49
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    Found a guild.
    Thanks for the offers
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  • SunilaBlue
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    Hello everyone,

    I am posting to help a veteran player who has recently returned to the game. He's looking for a fun, active guild that he can contribute to and will help him grow his roster.

    Ally Code: 521-971-192
    GP: 692k

    You can send me a message through the forums or invite him in-game using his ally code. He doesn't have at this time, so please check out his inventory in-game.

    Looking for nearly full, established/new guild that actively running raids, TB and TW.

    He found a guild, thank you!
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  • yinzerr
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    Ally-Code: 937-494-681

    Link to

    Galactic Power: 1,638,887

    Type of Play: F2P

    Looking for an active, friendly guild, plays daily and will contribute 600 per day and participate in all guild events, returning from a long break

    found a guild
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