Players Looking For Guilds - February 2021 *** READ RULES IN FIRST POST BEFORE POSTING ***


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    Found one.
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    Guild found
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    Hi there,

    I’m a 4.8 mil GP player and am considering joining a guild that is:
      [*] ONLY pursuing HOTH TBs for high and consistent GET1 payouts. Hopefully, no less than 15k per month from both TBs, TWs, HSTR combined.
      [*] Running and completing HSTR
      [*] Casual, active and above all, respectful; does not insist on Discord and specific farms

      I politely ask that you respond only if this describes your guild in full.
      I can reach 600 tix daily and am active in guild activities.
      Let’s be in touch through PM here. Thank you.

      -- SORTED --
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    • QuentinOllah38
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      Looking at joining a new guild, 6.7+M GP, looking for guild with Steroid Rancor completion, KAM shards, etc, see link below:
    • Loyce8869_SLM
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      found a Guild
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    • JeotheGhost
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      Lots of invites, just working through them now but no room for any more - thanks :)
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      UK based player, took a couple months break due to university but I am looking to return to the game. I'll be trying to improve out my clone wars era characters so hopefully that will align with your guild's goals :)
      Ally-Code: 633-667-845
      Link to
      Galactic Power: 2,481,167
      Character/Ship GP: 1,410,495/ 1,070,672
      Player Level: 85
      Number of 7*:83
      Average Arena Rank: 750
      Type of Play: F2P
      Time-zone: GMT
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      6.5m player looking for a temporary home. I’m specifically looking for a guild running a max star DS hoth. I want to get that achievement!
    • Rakkasan
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      Found! 😁
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    • Arrr
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      Found Guild
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      Guild found, thanks
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    • BigDaddyLove
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      Found a home.
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      Returning player after years out, original day 1 player.
      Level 85
      Number of 7*-10
      Number of 6*-7
      Happy to be part of a UK guild ideally, am a daily player and keen to be part of a growing guild. Feel free to message me on here or on Facebook (Michael Bright)
      Ally code-234-986-843

    • Kondorin
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      Guild found
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    • Skywalking11
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      Relic Characters:
      GAS relic 7 Z4 501st Relic 4/5
      JKR relic 5
      DR relic
      GMY relic 5
      Padme Relic 5 (Full team relic)
      B1, B2 Relic 4+
      Noteable characters:
      full geos
      many full teams
      Galactic Power: 3.1mill
      Character/Ship GP: characters 2m ships 1.1mill
      Player Level: 85
      Number of 7*: way too many
      Number of 6*:little
      Number of 5*: little
      Average Arena Rank:160 squad arena rank 30 fleet arena
      Type of Play: (F2P, P2P
      Time-zone: Australia
      Honstly looking for 40+ WAT shards and maximum GET1 tokens for malak/HY/Wampa. Wanting to do challenge rancor and basically have more guidance on roster and what my focuses should be.
      GAS was always my focus and now i have him max i'm looking for my next goals :)
      reach out!
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      Ally code: 995-478-685
      GP 6.3M
      7* characters at 175
      ave squad arena rank 100-50
      ave fleet rank 50-10

      Looking for a competitive & casual guild. guild who is farming WAT & KAM shards. possible help clearing new rancor & few days to obtaining GL jedi master luke.Timezone located in the philippines but im also accustomed to play 11am CST Heroic raids 99% participation on any guild events TW/ ticket contributor etc. leaving 1% just in case i forgot to join or do my part. not looking to be an officer just a daily contributor. seeking for any english speaking asian/ us base guild.
    • sithlordThrawn
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      Foumd a guild
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    • AhnaldisGOAT
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      Developing player. Looking for a guild that can do HPit/HTank/T6 STR
      Slightly chill, but active daily
      Ally Code 288-439-947
      Eastern Standard Time
      There will possibly be periods where I go inactive for a while. I will not have quit. When I am active, which is the majority of the time, you will not have a more dedicated member.
      I will do everything. May not get 600 tickets, but I’ll try my best
      Oh, and F2P forever for me
      Edit: Don’t have Discord, would prefer not to have to have it, but if need be, I will.
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    • Jared1099
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      Guild Found, Thank you!

      Hey, looking for an active guild over 100M GP, current guild has many inactive players. I play everyday and am advancing quickly. Please reach out if there are any spots avaliable I’d be happy to talk.

      Ally-Code: 926-274-623

      Link to

      Galactic Power: 1,054,313

      Player Level: 85

      Type of Play: Light P2P

      Arena Rank: 478

      Fleet Rank: 320

      7* Characters: 38

      Time-zone: EST
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    • DarthCreator111
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      Guild found
      Hello, I am a newer player to swgoh.
      I'm level 54
      My ally code: 796-769-142
      Link to account:
      My gp: 62,556 characters/ 17,750 ships
      Current guild gp: 40 mil
      Type of player: 100% free to play
      Trying to get: Traya, GK, Han Solo, and all others.
      Average arena: 1743
      Main goal(s): Revans/Malak
      Time zone: Alaska
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    • DarkFenix
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      Guild Found
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      Coming back after a few breaks- looking to take my game to the next level. I’ve never been in a top guild, always in smaller ones.

      Ally-Code: 811-252-496
      Galactic Power: 6,508,226
      Character/Ship GP: 3,933,030 / 2,575,196
      Player Level: 85

      72 Relic toons
      130 zetas
      1 Galactic Legend (SEE)
      Average Arena Rank: Current SAR #23, Current FAR #48

      Time-zone: est


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      Started my account a while ago, but getting really into the game now. Definitely still learning the ropes, but I wanna be in a guild that can help me get more guild points. I'm pretty active, and I'll fight in raids and donate <3

      Ally Code: 595-175-252
      GP: 268,547
      Character / Ship GP: 170,319 / 98,228
      Player Level: 74
      Number of 7*: 7
      Number of 6*: 1
      Number of 5*: 12
      Current SAR: 3818; Current FAR: 171
      Time Zone: pst

      Just figuring out how ships work, and working towards getting all of the FO toons and the necessary ships for SLKR
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      Update to my post— I’m getting a lot of messages— I’m going to take a few days and make a choice— I’m looking for a top guild- where I can get Wat shards and aeromagnifiers for relic level 8.

    • TaTaKaS
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      Hey everyone. I am an extremely active player engaging in all modes. I am looking for an active guild with over 20 stars in lstb and 20+ Kam shards. Also completing Crancor is a must. I also was an officer in a 300m guild but our top 6 decided to leave due to low participation from many players so things went south pretty quickly. I know my way around. I have Rey and enough saved for a 2nd GL but I will wait until the next set of GLs comes out and then decide what to do.

      6,3m gp
      Based in Greece.
      Every ship at 7 stars except rc obviously.
      Every character but the 6 latest ones at 7 stars but farming them quickly.

      Please do not ask me to join if you do not meet the requirements for me.
      Min 300m gp
      20 stars lstb
      20+ Kam shards.
      I don't care about your tw record. I do participate in all of them but don't care if we lose cause the difference in rewards is minimal.
    • Matthew_B
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      EDIT: I've received a ton of offers and will chose from those, thanks to everyone for the messages
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    • Arva
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      Guild found

      Link to
      Galactic Power: 690000
      Character/Ship GP: 433k/255k
      Player Level:85
      Number of 7*: 28
      Number of 6*:
      Number of 5*:
      Average Arena Rank: 70
      Type of Play: F2P
      Time-zone: EU

      Looking for a guild that does Dark Side Geo TB, will have geos rdy for Wat till next TB and provide 600 tickets daylie.
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    • Kazi2013
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      Old player but looking for an active guild to help my brand new account progress faster via raids. Must be EU friendly raid times as I’m based in the UK. Level 31 currently, very active, f2p, 612-371-682. Already got an account with 6.5m gp, 2 GLs, 647k gac lifetime. Contact me via Discord @ GΞNΞRΛL KΛZI#6815
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