SEmpire — current best lineup

I’m looking for advice on which SEmpire to Relic....
I’m wanting to go back and tidy up my SEmpire team for TWar Attack
Currently they are a mess
  • Relic 2 DR and BSF and G12 Malak, HK, and SET. (HK doesn’t even have his Zetas....)
My plan is to do Malak and BSF to Relic 5 next for my Vader CRancor team.
Should I then Relic HK and SET or should I ditch HK entirely and do SMarauder since he’s needed for SEE?


  • Marauder for sure. Drop HK..
  • Mandelbro
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    The team functions just fine without Maurader. It's a relatively long farm and he doesn't shine until relic levels and even then only under DR. I only did it because of SEE.

    Don't worry about HK's zetas. I never bothered to get them and didn't have any trouble staying on top of the DR/JKR meta.

    Edit: looking again at your title... Maurader replacing HK would give you a better team. Whether its worth the resources is another question.
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