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This game is no stranger to performance issues and bugs, but it is a complete joke when it just sporadically freezes when it matters. The fact that they have not responded to it "ever" and not implemented a fix that will keep it at a good operating level.

The main area they NEED to work on is the GAC. these freeze's completely ruin the Grand Arena battles and completely mess with the result. this is no fault of the player and we are the ones punished because the Dev's cannot keep the game stable for everyone. This happens on Emulators, iphone's Android's, it doesn't discriminate.

Please for the love of God implement a fix that will at least pick up when a player has had a freeze screen. as i understand that updates can give unexpected results, and asking for a constantly evolving game to remain 100% stable all the time. but surely this isn't too hard to ask for. it is getting to be a joke, especially considering the communities investment in the game and the fact that alot of people pay big $$$ for your over priced packs and toons that are all money grabbing schemes.
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    i dont say it doesnt need to be fixed, but honestly i never had my game freezed or crushed
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    i dont say it doesnt need to be fixed, but honestly i never had my game freezed or crushed

    Me neither.
  • Definitely had crashes in TB, TW, Arenas and GAC. It has been infrequent for me over 3 years but does happen. I use iPhone, iPad and Android. I have heard crashes happen with emulators often.
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    Fix your devices
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    Fix your devices

    I have a decent Phone with very high Processing power and High Ram, and i tend to run very few apps while running SWGOH but it still causes the crashes
  • I learned my lesson and give up about reporting crash / freeze. I got warned because I was so angry about these issues being not investigated / resoved. I already posted multiple times theses issues on EA Answers HQ but never got a satisfying answer.
    Each EA "solutions" was to restart your phone, reinstall the game, .... since so, I believe these issues are not being reported to the dev and posting here is useless since it will be closed.
    So like some other bugs (unending loyalty, disappearing button, ...), it will never be addressed.

    Hope someday the process improve ...
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    You will need to report all bugs and issues to Answers HQ.
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