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Over the course of the last year we’ve talked at different points about the mission we’ve been on, which is to deliver content more frequently and flexibly - starting with Galactic Challenges. Today we’re excited to announce the next step in this journey.

Conquest is a new game mode coming to Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes where players will face a series of escalating battles on a sector map that allows them to choose which encounters and bonuses they will meet. Each map will provide a variety of match ups that will challenge players to pick the squad that is best suited to take on the enemy and use their whole roster in new ways.

Conquest will appear alongside Galactic War on a table that we are now calling the Galactic Battles table. Note: We’re renaming “Galactic War” to simply “War” to remove the repetition of “Galactic”. Galactic Challenges may also move to this table at a future point.

The Conquest event will run roughly once per month, with the event lasting for several weeks. During each event, campaigns are organized into a series of Sectors, each of which features a map of branching paths with combat missions and special nodes. Players will face off against a variety of different PVE squads as they battle through a Sector. The difficulty of the combat missions and their associated rewards will scale up as the player progresses through each sector, culminating in a boss battle at the end of each sector.

As players complete combat missions, mission feats, sector-level feats or event-level feats, they’ll earn Conquest Keycards which will be used to unlock successively better crates of rewards (which similar to Galactic Challenges, will be paid out at the end of the event) as well as intermediate rewards which can be immediately claimed.

We’re introducing a new shipment that will contain certain consumable items that are only useful within the context of a Conquest event, as well as others that can be used for the general collection. Conquest-specific items will only be available when an event is running and only apply to Conquest (i.e., these items will not affect Arena, GAC, Raids etc.). One of the rewards players will earn are Conquest Coins which can be used to purchase items from this shipment.

Between combat missions, players will also encounter two different types of special nodes - both Data Disks and Merchants.

Data Disks are powerful items players will acquire that can be equipped to give different types of benefits. Data Disks can be mixed and matched to give different strategic benefits, however each Data Disks has an associated cost to equip and a maximum value of Data Disks can be equipped per sector. Data Disks will last for the duration of the Conquest event and can be swapped at any point for a small cost.

Merchants are the other type of special nodes and will also appear at different points in each sector offering a selection of different items for purchase, including consumable items which are generally more powerful and valuable than what can be purchased from the Shipment. If a player elects to visit a Merchant, they may revisit this Merchant at any point during the event.

Conquest has a new energy type that is spent to play combat missions. Energy is charged at the beginning of each combat mission and will regenerate over time.

Conquest also features a new mechanic called Stamina. Unlike energy, Stamina is only depleted when a character successfully completes a combat mission. As a character’s stamina falls, their effectiveness in combat will also diminish. A character with zero stamina cannot be brought into battle, however stamina can be restored either through passive regeneration over time or through the use of stamina consumables.

We’re still developing and tuning and will have more to share with you in the coming weeks before the event, but early feedback has been promising and we can’t wait to introduce Conquest to the Holotables!


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