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This game has grossed 1.2 billion in revenue. The fact that there are so many bugs in this game, including random game crashes and errors is inexcusable. No issues on my end with an iPhone12, completely updated on 5G full bars. It gets infuriating losing a GAC battle against Rey because of a game crash and now have to lose the round because of it.
Thanks for the bugs CG, please tell me why I should by your macro transaction packs again?
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  • CG has looked into it and it is running exactly as they want it to.
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    Lol asaj aoe animation glitch has existed since forever ago, they not gonna fix that, let alone a bug that causes ur game to crash too expansive bro
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    CG has looked into it and it is running exactly as they want it to.

    Haha my thoughts exactly....sigh...oh well. Undefeated in 3v3 before the crash and as we all know, Rey on D in 3v3 is something else entirely....hopefully having a second GL will do me some good when 5’s come back
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